This operation of the extruder is more energy efficient

Extruder, this kind of commonly used rubber and plastic extrusion molding equipment, I believe that everyone is more familiar with me, whether it is a twin-screw or a single-screw, the hot-start process needs to be carried out before the production of the product. Then, when you warm the machine, have you considered this process to save electricity?

I believe that many friends in the process of starting heating are to open the temperature of several segments at the same time to start heating, this method is more common and more common, but often after the temperature of the screw reaches the set temperature, the die The temperature has not yet reached (the steel of the die is thicker and the area is larger), so in this case, everyone usually keeps the screw warm (note that it starts to waste your electricity here), then wait for the mold. The temperature of the head slowly rises to the set temperature before starting to turn on.

In the process of warming up, it is really a simple heating to help you save a lot of power. How to do it is very simple. When heating several heating sections at the same time, when the temperature of the screw reaches the set temperature, you start to remember the time, and then remember the time when the temperature of the die reaches the set temperature. There is a time gap. That is, what is the time difference between the time the screw reaches the set temperature and the time the die reaches the set temperature? Find out the time difference. When you turn on the next time, you will warm the die first in this time difference. After the time difference is reached, turn on the screw.

You can count it, no matter whether you use the previous method or the latter method, the time used for heating is the same, but during the time when the mold is warmed up in advance, you have saved the screw for heating. The power is gone.

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