Pigment Orange 16 - Benzidine Orange R Inks, Coating, Plastics

Model NO.: Pigment Orange 16
Name: Pigment Orange 16
CAS NO.: 21160
Pigment Orange 16: Benzidine Orange R
Trademark: SUNCOLOR
Transport Package: 10/25kg Bag Onto Pallets
Origin: Hangzhou China
HS Code: 3204170000
1. Name: Pigment Orange 16 / Fast Orange 16 & Benzidine Orange R

2, 2'-((3, 3'-Dimethoxy(1, 1'-biphenyl)-4, 4'-diyl)bis(azo))bis(3-oxo-N

C. I. P. O 16
CAS No.: 6505-28-8
EU No.: 229-388-1
C. I. NO.: 21160
Molecular Formula: C34H32N6O6

2. Specification:
Light: 5
Heat: 150
Water: 5
Linseed Oil: 4
Acid: 3
Alkali: 4
Oil absorption: ≤ 55

3. Application: For inks, plastics, and paints industry

Technical Data Sheet(TDS)

1. Product Information
1) Product name Suncolor Orange 1216
2) Color index name Pigment Orange 16
3) Chemical type Disazo 
4) Molecular formula C34H32N6O6
5) CAS No. 6505-28-8
6) EU No. 229-388-1
7) Relative trade name Permanent Orange R
2. Physical Properties
1) PH Value 7
2) Specific gravity 1.50±0.1
3) Water soluble 1.0% max
4) Oil absorption 45±5%
5) Heat stability 200 Degree C
6) Resistance to Water (1-5) 5
7) Resistance to Oil (1-5) 5
8) Resistance to Acid (1-5) 4
9)Resistance to Alkali (1-5) 4
10) Light fastness (1-8) 7
11) Weather fastness (1-5) 4
12) Migration resistance 3
13) △E ≤1.0
3. Application
1) Plastics --
2) Coating Water based paints, industrial paints, solvent paints, powder coating
3) Inks Waterbased ink  
Offset ink  
4) Textile paste textile paste
4. Technical comments
Pigment Orange 16 often used for Water based paints, Waterbased ink and Offset ink, also can be used for solvent paints, powder coating and textile paste.

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