Magnetic Resistance Analysis and Minimization of Perman…

NdFeB) with high thrust, low loss, small electrical time constant, fast response speed, etc., in lifting systems (elevators, mine hoisting systems), electronic manufacturing equipment (such as MEMS micro-manufacturing and micro-assembly systems, high-speed SMT Machines, micro-encapsulation platfo

Six omissions during the renovation of the owners can b…

I believe that many owners have individual meetings. Regardless of how they feel, there are still a variety of problems that arise during or after renovations. This is hard to prevent, especially for future life. In fact, if Want to put an end to hidden dangers, or to start from the source, today

If Fahai knows this, it will not flood Jinshan.

At that time, White Snake flooded the Jinshan Temple to save Xu Xian and touched countless audiences. People admired this eloquent love. However, the story is always a story. In reality, it would be romantic if it drowns the family. Home improvement waterproofing is an important part. If it is not

New algorithm makes smartphones turn 3D scanners

As 3D printers become cheaper and cheaper, 3D scanners are dragging their hind legs. At the recent SIGGRAPH Asian Computer Graphics Conference, researchers at Brown University in the United States described a new algorithm developed to enable high-quality 3D scanning capabilit

Optoelectronic Chips Used to Process Information

The white light beam is drawn later for the purpose of illustrating that the chip can use light directly to communicate with the outside world. American scientists have said that they have developed the world’s first optoelectronic chip that uses light to process informa

What is the difference between Pu material and natural …

What material is pu? We often hear about pu material in our daily lives. What we are accustomed to understand is what pu is made of. Pu is a high-molecular compound that is formed by reacting isocyanate groups with hydroxyl groups. It is widely cited and used in the apparel industry due to its res

MIT builds new approach to solar cells: The old car'…

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) announced this week that some scholars have developed a new method that can use abandoned car batteries for solar cells. This greatly controls the waste of car batteries and is also an environmentally friendly technology. . In fact, th

National standards for auto parts will be officially im…

Abstract It was learned from the official website of Zhejiang Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau that the national standard for auto parts will be officially implemented on January 1, 2016. What is going on in the end? The National Standards Committee approved the release of the China A

Increased practice in the home industry

  Since last year, "O2O online and offline integration" has suddenly become a topic that has been repeatedly mentioned in the home industry. For a time, if home furnishing companies did not say that they were building "O2O online and offline integration", everyone would be co