What brand of projector is good for projector purchase ten tips

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Nowadays, many families are installed in home theaters. This article introduces you to the top ten brands of projectors in 2015. Let yourself and your family have better audio-visual experience. Choose a home theater and naturally buy a good one. The projector is awesome. What brand of projector is good, let's take a look.
What brand of projector is good? Top ten tips for projector purchase
What brand of projector is good for projector purchase ten tips
Projector purchase brand one: BenQ projector
BenQ was founded in 1984. At present, the complete layout of BenQ's six business divisions – video, storage, imaging, digital display, wireless communication and broadband network – has matured, and BenQ has successfully transformed into an outstanding electronic communication company. From the PC (personal computer) market to the active expansion of IA (information appliances) and Wireless (wireless communication), BenQ has always been a forward-looking vision.
Projector purchase brand two: Epson projector
Founded in May 1942, Seiko Epson is headquartered in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and is a global leader in digital imaging. Epson Group is committed to providing customers with digital imaging innovations and solutions through a culture of innovation and creativity that enhances corporate value. It currently has production and R&D facilities in 32 countries and regions on five continents, and has operations and service outlets in 57 countries and regions.
Projector purchase brand three: Acer Acer projector
Founded in 1976, Acer is the world's third largest PC brand and the second largest supplier of notebook computers. With an internationally operating management team, the company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Innovative Care” and is mainly engaged in research and development, design, marketing and service of its own brands of notebook computers, desktop computers, LCD monitors, servers and digital homes, and continues to provide global consumption. Easy to use, reliable information products.
Projector purchase brand four: Sony projector
Sony Corporation (Sony Corporation) is a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic products. It is a world leader in digital, lifestyle and entertainment, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony's predecessor was "Tokyo Communication Industry Co., Ltd.", which was founded in May 1946 and co-founded by Akio Morita and Jingshen. The current management team is jointly led by Hirai Kazuo and Nakajima. Sony is one of the world's leading civilian/professional audiovisual products, communications products and information technology. Its achievements in music, film and computer entertainment operations have also made it one of the largest integrated entertainment companies in the world.
Projector purchase brand five: NEC projector
NEC was founded on July 17, 1899. The founder was Yansui Bangyan. It was established as a joint venture with Western Electric (WE) of the United States and was the first joint venture company in Japan. Through more than 100 years of elaboration, NEC has become a well-known multinational company in the fields of IT, communication and semiconductor through its innovative spirit. In the future, we will continue to innovate this enterprise foundation and bring more satisfied products and services to users.
Projector purchase brand six: Lixun projector
Founded in 1991 in California, Vivitek is a US-owned multinational high-tech enterprise group with R&D and sales organizations in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and China. Vivitek has many unique technologies in the field of projection and large-screen display, including LED-backlit HD projectors, 3-chip DLP projectors, high-lumen and high-contrast professional engineering projectors, ultra-short-focus HD projectors, etc.; It has received the closest cooperation and full support from the world's largest component factory and DLP core technology TI. Currently, it has several independent display research laboratories around the world.
Projector purchase brand seven: Optoma projector
Optoma is a global brand that is deeply rooted in the world and has a global footprint. Since its inception, it has focused on the development and sales of projection systems, dedicated to the development of imaging and color processing technologies, combined with complete product planning and flexible marketing strategies in the United States, Canada, and France. Taiwan and other regions are ranked first in DLP projector sales
Projector purchase brand eight: cool music projector
Shenzhen Cool Music Technology Co., Ltd. is a young company specializing in the research and development and promotion of digital imaging products. It was initiated and launched by Japan Weiyou Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Weiyou Technology Co., Ltd., in May 2009. Established. The company inherits and promotes the traditional advantages of the parent company in the field of projection optoelectronic display (DLP technology, 3LCD technology, single LCD technology, etc.), and further focuses on the micro-display (CF-LCOS, LCOS, DLP, driven by new lighting technologies such as LED). MEMS) projection display field, the company not only has a large number of professionals, modern advanced production technology and testing equipment, but also we have more than ten years of design, production experience and rich skills and strong research and development strength in the projection machine field.
Projector purchase brand nine: Panasonic projector
Panasonic Chinese "Panasonic" (early called National, gradually changed to Panasonic in 1986, unified as Panasonic from 2008.10.1). Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. since 1918, Matsushita Yukisuke started business; development of brand products involving home appliances, digital audio-visual Electronics, office products, aviation and many other fields are well-known throughout the world; and the accumulation of Panasonic's marketing culture has made the company's brand leap into the "World Top 500" list.
Projector purchase brand ten: Hitachi projector
HITACHI Hitachi Group is one of the largest integrated multinational corporations in the world. It came to China in the 1960s and became one of the few foreign-invested companies that entered the Chinese market early. The main products are air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. Due to the downturn in its ADRs, the company will cut its listing costs. Hitachi announced on March 30, 2012 that it will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and submit a delisting application in mid-April.

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