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According to the bulk non-ferrous net reprint: This year, China Aluminum Baotou aluminum industry restructuring, transformation and upgrading of the pace continues to accelerate, and strive to form the entire industry chain competitive advantage. Under the overall strategic objectives of Chinalco, Baotou Aluminum, based on the initial completion of the upstream shift of the upstream industry chain, has been moving towards the high end of the industry chain since March 2015 to increase the optimization and enhancement of product alloying. Five alloy production lines were put into production in March and April. Baotou Aluminum has not forgotten the transformation and upgrading of green environment. In this process, it strengthened the environmental protection measures of aluminum ash in the alloy production process. In the near future, a new set of cold ash handling system is being rapidly constructed.

Zhang Qingsheng, director of the Baotou Aluminum Casting Center, told reporters that in recent years, Baotou Aluminum has been selling aluminum liquids directly to the downstream companies in the surrounding aluminum industry parks. It does not produce any aluminum ash, and the production of aluminum ash in ordinary aluminum production is also low. With the rapid advancement of product alloying this year, the technological characteristics of the product determine the increase in the amount of aluminum ash produced. According to reports, the same output will generally increase aluminum ash by about 2.5 times.

The emergence of new conditions has caused Baotou Aluminum to attach great importance, and the original aluminum ash treatment is not conducive to environmental protection, but also is not conducive to efficiency. "After this situation in April this year, we first installed a set of Online hot gray processor, "Zhang Qingsheng said," The system can achieve a controlled cooling treatment of hot aluminum ash, equipped with bag dust removal system, effectively reducing the amount of smoke spillage."

The reporter saw at the production site that a more advanced environmental protection cold ash handling system was being built in a fully enclosed factory building not far from the alloy product manufacturing plant. Zhang Qingsheng told reporters that with the recent production of Baotou Aluminum Alloys gradually reaching production standards, the company will immediately plan and construct a matching aluminum dust environmental protection dust removal system. It is understood that this special environmental protection dust project invested more than 3.6 million yuan, the system's biggest feature is the configuration of a special water cooling process, you can reduce the temperature of aluminum ash from 500 degrees to 50 degrees in a short period of time , And the whole process is carried out in a totally enclosed structure without any adverse impact on the environment. The whole system adopts a centralized dry dust removal method and flue gas collection equipment is installed at all links. After the flue gas has been collected and collected, it is treated by the dust removal system to meet the national required emission standards. According to continuous feeding, the calculation of 2 tons of cold ash per hour can meet the environmental protection requirements for the production of 7,8 tons of aluminum ash produced by Baotou Aluminum alloy products every day. At the same time, this system can realize real-time classification and screening of aluminum ash, and some aluminum ash can be recycled and remelted into aluminum slag ingots, adding new benefits to enterprises. It is expected that the entire cold ash handling system will be completed and put into operation in September this year.

According to Wu Junping, head of Baotou Aluminum Safety, Environmental Protection and Health Department, along with the implementation of the new “Environmental Protection Law,” Baotou Aluminum’s environmental protection management efforts have been continuously strengthened. While strengthening basic management work, environmental protection investment continues to increase. In addition to the environmental transformation of the aluminum ash production line, this year, Baotou Aluminum has invested in more than 48 million yuan of environmental protection funds under the pressure of turning a deficit away from its own funds. Construction of projects with significant environmental significance in aluminum and surrounding areas, such as the implementation of roasting flue gas treatment for carbon production, upgrading of electrolytic purification systems, harmless treatment of electrolytic cell overhaul slag, environmental protection reform of electrolyte production lines, and unloading of coal from thermal power plants Ditch closed and other projects, so that the environmental quality of Baotou and its surrounding areas have been significantly improved, and the company's transformation and upgrading and the synchronization of green development goals.

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