Development and Research of Hydraulic Software Pneumatic System Schematic CAD Software HP-CAD

Development and research of hydraulic and pneumatic system principle CAD software HPHAD Zhang Liping College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 5, 54 teamware tax software with 1898 as working platform gamma, 氚14 as the basis for drawing software, parameterized program price, language The method establishes the hydraulic and pneumatic shape 浔 庠; it has created the Chinese character-level joint user interface friendly editing function, strong, efficient, accurate and easy to promote, etc., which can be used by various hydraulic and pneumatic system designers to apply the same problem as other transmission methods. Hydraulic and pneumatic technology has many unique advantages, and it has become an important technical means for power transmission and control of modern mechanical equipment. Its application fields are almost all over the industrial sectors of the national economy (1).

It is well known that the design of hydraulic or pneumatic systems is often carried out simultaneously with the design of the mainframe. The system design can be divided into two major steps 12, the principle performance design of the system, the technical design structure design of the 1 system is usually based on the clear system design requirements, after the dynamic analysis of the condition analysis and the parameter calculation of the motion analysis system. It is important to draw up and draw out the system principle. However, for many years, the drawing of the hydraulic and pneumatic system principle is done manually by the designer. The manpower and material resources are expensive, the cycle length is low, and it is inconvenient to modify and update the system design. It greatly affects and restricts the improvement of the efficiency of the system design of the host system. This is not the same as the high-speed development board of today's computer technology and manufacturing technology. Principle, the hydraulic and pneumatic 0 software package system 3, but these software-like comprehensive large scale and some emphasis on academic, but poorly targeted, high price, it limits its application and promotion development targeted Simple and practical hydraulic and pneumatic system principle port software and meet the needs of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises research institutes and engineering colleges in hydraulic gas The urgent need for dynamic design research and teaching is of great significance. The hydraulic and pneumatic system principle 1 software book proposed in this paper is developed for the development of the 2 software for the development of this software. Shape symbol creation menu creation status bar and, with the date of receipt of 200,005; repair date 20001226; responsible editor 卞 copper body software overall loading and running debugging software trials and revisions formal application and other processes are basic ideas and methods are as follows.

2.1 Development plan and platform determination test, 3 various types of microcomputers are equipped with Windows operating system 1.,1 in the vast number of scientific research institutions of mines and universities, the most widely used and open-ended structure and sub-development of commercialization , 0 software for people plus tax, so the author intends to use gray 98 as the working platform of the software, with 1 as 4 as the basis of the plotting software, through the development of the second to develop hydraulic and pneumatic system principle software 0 2.2 hydraulic pneumatic The establishment of the shape symbol library is well known. The principle of the hydraulic and pneumatic system needs to be drawn in strict accordance with the shape symbols specified by the national standard. The shape of many symbols of the hydropneumatic pieces is very similar, and the software is issued in the national cup (3). Based on the hierarchical analysis and classification of the shape symbols specified by the mouth team, the parameterized program programming adopts the method of entering the fairy (3) rumor embedded in everyone 0, and establishes a modular liquid card aerodynamic shape composed of several sub-libraries. The hydraulic and pneumatic symbol library established by the symbol library block component 1 contains all the symbols of the national standard, 8786 193, which can be used by the user to improve the drawing efficiency. Can improve the quality of painting.

2.3 The creation of the menu, the important way to develop and adapt it to the specific professional requirements is to establish a corresponding special menu. 45 In order to facilitate the user's access to the hydraulic and pneumatic symbol library and the drawing and editing of the system principle, the software industry is highlighted. Sex and reduce the storage space occupied by the menu file, the pen uses 4 hearts, 1.1 language and the slide function embedded by everyone 0 itself, created the special menu of the software Chinese character cascade menu and Chinese character shape and tile Like the label menu 5! These two menus have strong visibility and complete information; the interface is friendly and intuitive; it is in line with the habits of engineering designers, easy to use, and has fast pickup response, so the drawing efficiency is very high.

In the menu bar, the thorns are engraved, and the menu items can be completed to complete the corresponding tasks. 2.4 Status bar and toolbar creation In order to facilitate the user, the standard status bar and toolbar of the entry are modified and created. The status bar and toolbar of the software, wherein the status bar includes a new open open save print delete button and other command button; the toolbar includes a basic element 5 draw text input shape, move the rotation and other tool buttons, the user can click the corresponding button to facilitate Complete the relevant operations. In addition, the status bar and the toolbar can be changed according to the level of the location software and the image menu interface, 2 and 3 are small.

3 software use 3.5 inch double-sided high-density floppy disk system hardware and software requirements 4 recorded users will be the software menu file file library, etc. all loaded into the person 0 related directory can be very convenient to enter its users Interface, only need to select menu through mouse, human-computer interaction input some simple parameters such as the orientation of the component-shaped symbols, the default setting and the national standard 08 786143, etc., can quickly complete the design and editing of the hydraulic and pneumatic system principle and printout . Apply a 1 to 0 to draw a volume throttle speed control hydraulic system original Mg2Boundaryfac, of, a, cadi theory 5 4 hydraulic and pneumatic system principle 0 software is particularly special for the work platform and the basic software; Friendly and intuitive user interface 1 stroke editing function; easy to master, suitable for users of all levels.

The principle is simple, efficient and accurate.

This soft palate also has an open structure. It is convenient for users to add and expand their functions according to their needs. This software has been successfully promoted in the 3 software of the unit made by the factory color film. It proves that the technical route and method adopted by the basic idea of ​​this software development is correct and effective. 1. Mechanism 97 Yan Yuejun participated in part of the work.

2 The research work of this paper also refers to the computer-aided design system book edited by Professor Chen Ying from the Institute of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, Zhejiang University.

Hebei Science and Technology Humanities Journal 1 He Ping. Hydraulic and pneumatic are suitable for the Yin book. north! Machine Industry 1 version 卟. 1997.

2 He Ping 4 noon, Qi Juan. Modern machine tool liquid; station design; structure selection along the technical machine tool.

3 Lei Tianjue. Hydraulic Engineering Manual Elbow. Beijing Machinery Industry Press, 1990.130142 813 several. This person 0 efficiency manual. Chen Yuhong, Wang Yi translation. Beijing Electronics Industry Publishing Yao Hanzhen. Computational analysis and its application development. Beijing Mechanical Industry Press, 1997.

Chen Daojie, Fu Shoumo. 1; 1018 and its application development technology elbow. Chengdu Chengdu University of Science and Technology published Liu Enfu, Lu Ximin. The current situation and development trend of mechanical CADCAM J. Hebei Industrial Science and Technology, 1999, principle of volumetric throttle speed control hydraulic system

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