Chemical process safety|Main content and acquisition method of process technology information

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1. The main content of process technology information

( 1 ) Flowchart or simplified process flow chart;

( 2 ) Information on the principles of process chemistry;

( 3 ) Estimated maximum stock;

( 4 ) Safe operating range (such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level or component safety upper and lower limits);

( 5 ) Assessment of the consequences of deviation from normal conditions, including the safety and health effects of employees;

( 6 ) Key process points.

A detailed list of process technical information is given in the table below .

Table process technology information content list

Process technical information name

Process technology information content

Box flow chart or simplified process flow chart

Box flow diagrams and chemical reactions are saved in the technical manual or in a shared folder on a common drive

Principle of process chemistry

Reactor chemical reaction, keyword: exothermic or endothermic

Estimated maximum stock

Container capacity, meter, process flow chart according to PIC001 specification of Process Industry Practice Association Standard ( PIP ) , equipment notes should indicate tower capacity. Regularly inspect the tank area and record the storage capacity. Recording is carried out using a tank inventory, and tank capacity information should also be recorded in these tables.

2. Method for obtaining process technology information

( 1 ) Basic process technology information can be obtained from the project process package provider or the project project general contractor;

( 2 ) Obtain detailed process system information from the design unit, including detailed drawings, documents and calculation books for each major.

(Source: China Chemical Safety Association)

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