Decorations hit the summer paint to buy more trouble

In July, the hot, hot weather caused the decoration to enter a bottleneck. Many consumers who choose to decorate in spring have basically finished the final stage. After brickwork and carpentry are completed, the most important link is the wall painting. However, the weather in summer is changeable, and it is hot and rainy, which brings a lot of trouble to the wall decoration. At this time, the selection and construction of the paint must pay special attention.

Below, Xiao Bian took everyone to know what kind of problems we should pay attention to in the types of home improvement paints we use everyday and paint selection in summer. What are the commonly used home improvement coatings?

First, what are the home improvement coatings

1, water-soluble paint

It belongs to the low-end product, which is polyvinyl alcohol dissolved in water and then added with other additives such as pigments. At present, there are many brands of these coatings in the market, the main products are 106, 107, 803 internal wall coatings, these coatings There are many defects such as not water, not alkali, the coating is easily peeled off after damp, it is a low-grade interior wall decorative paint products, mainly used for interior wall decoration; but this type of paint still has many advantages, such as cheap, Non-toxic, odorless, easy construction and other advantages, and this type of coating is also very convenient in the construction process, the current consumption is still the largest, accounting for about 50% of the market, mostly for the choice of medium-low room or temporary room interior wall decoration.

2, latex paint

It is a medium-to-high grade paint material. It is a kind of water-based medium and is made of an aqueous solution of acrylic esters, styrene-acrylic ester copolymers, and vinyl acetate polymers. It is made by adding various auxiliary components. The film forming material is insoluble in water, and the water resistance and weather resistance of the coating film are greatly improved compared to the first type, and no trace is left after the wet scrubbing, and there are different decorative types such as plain light and high light. Although this type of paint material is more expensive, its market share is increasing due to its excellent performance and decorative effect. A good latex paint layer has good water, alkali, and scrub resistance, and the coating will never peel off after it has been wet. In general (under the same conditions of pigment, volume, and concentration), styrene-acrylic emulsion paint is better than EPR paint in water resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistance, and ethylene-propylene emulsion paint than polyvinyl acetate latex paint (known as latex paint). it is good.

3, colorful paint

Colorful paint is currently more popular in the market of decorative paint decoration, the film coating material is nitrocellulose, in the form of oil-in-water dispersed in the water, a spray can form a variety of color patterns;

4, imitation ceramic coating

Now there is a new type of paint material - imitation ceramic paint, this type of paint material decoration effect is delicate, smooth, elegant, the price is not high, but the construction process is complex, poor wet rub resistance.

Paint wall paint

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