Home improvement children's room wallpaper should pay attention to environmental protection and easy to clean

Nowadays, many people like to choose wallpapers when decorating their new homes. In this regard, the designer pointed out that the choice of wallpaper, especially the selection of children's room wallpaper is very particular about.

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"Because of children's young age, their own resistance is not high, so the children's room wallpaper is the most important environmental protection." Designer said. The most important point in the renovation of children's rooms is to prevent pollution and to be environmentally friendly. Because children's ability to resist external pollution is weaker than adults, the most basic and important principle of children's room decoration is: "no pollution, easy to clean up." The materials used should be as natural as possible, and the processing procedures should be as small as possible. This will ensure the environmental protection requirements and ensure the physical and mental health of the children living there. Therefore, children's room wallpapers are best used with environmentally friendly wallpapers.

Children's perception of color during their growth is very important. Science has proven that color plays a huge role in children's psychological growth. Different character children have different needs for color. For weak and introverted children, it is better to use contrasting colors to stimulate the development of their nerves. For children with temperament and active personality, elegant colors help them to create a healthy mentality. Secondly, green is good for the development of children's vision; blue and purple can cultivate the quiet character of the child; pink and light yellow can help the girl develop the gentle and well-behaved character. In addition, children like new things, long-term use of the same color wallpaper, sometimes children bored; and the child is active, well scribbled, wallpaper paste will soon be destroyed, need to be replaced, so that the replacement will not allow parents too Distressed.

There are various kinds of wallpaper on the market, including raw materials, paper-based wallpapers, surface wallpapers, PVC wallpapers, and natural material wallpapers. Designers suggest that wallpapers for children's rooms should best use paper-based wallpapers. Paper-based wallpaper made of paper, air permeability is good, the crack is not easy to burst, with good environmental protection; paper-based wallpaper is more suitable for use in children's rooms than other wallpaper. Children love new things and use the wallpaper of the same color for a long time. Sometimes the children are bored; and when the child is active, the wallpaper will soon be damaged and need to be replaced. Paper-based wallpaper is cheaper and can be replaced at any time, so it can meet the needs of parents.

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