Billiton metering pump working principle, structure of the Milton meter metering pump

Structure of the Milton Barometric Metering Pump Structure of the Milton Barometric Metering Pump Structure of the Milton Barometric Pump The Milton Barometric Pump consists of three parts, the drive base assembly, the pump head assembly and the motor. Transmission parts driven by the motor worm, through the worm gear, the next sleeve, the power transmitted to the N-shaped shaft. The N-shaped shaft and the eccentric block drive the crank connecting rod mechanism and the cross head to drive the plunger for reciprocating movement; the rotational eccentricity is adjusted by the N-shaped shaft and the stroke adjusting mechanism to adjust the stroke of the plunger so as to adjust the flow rate; The reciprocating motion of the liquid cylinder, suction and discharge valve group alternately open and close, the liquid is continuously inhaled and discharged hydraulic end; pump in the suction stroke, the pump head cavity liquid chamber to form a negative pressure, the suction valve opens, the liquid inflow The cylinder chamber; During the discharge stroke, the movement of the plunger increases the pressure on the liquid, causing the discharge valve to open to drain the liquid. (B) The Milton Wheel metering pump works Milton's metering pump is mainly driven by power, fluid delivery and regulation of three parts. The power drive mechanism drives the diaphragm to reciprocate through the mechanical linkage system. The diaphragm (piston) will be sucked in by the conveying fluid in the first half of the stroke and will be drained out of the pump head in the second half of the stroke. Therefore, the frequency of the stroke reciprocation or The stroke length of a reciprocating movement can achieve the purpose of regulating the fluid delivery volume. Precision machining accuracy to ensure that each pump to achieve the precise measurement of the medium being delivered. Asia Fluid Network () Editor: Huang Nengwen, QQ:

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