Main recovery route for expandable polystyrene EPS

The expandable polystyrene EPS has developed rapidly in China and is widely used in various shockproof packaging, construction, decoration, tableware and so on. However, EPS packaging materials are mostly disposable consumables. After disposal, they are not easy to degrade themselves, causing great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of EPS recycling, rejuvenation, and regeneration has become the most urgent issue in the current EPS packaging industry. In recent years, China's recycling of EPS waste has been paid attention to by relevant departments. The government has strengthened macro guidance and orderly governance, and corresponding regulations and policy support policies have been introduced. People's awareness of resources and environmental protection has improved. Overall, China has made great achievements in EPS recycling. For example, waste EPS has been processed to produce XPS, which has become the main way for domestic EPS recycling.

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