Gulijia Intelligent Electronic Hotel Lock was successfully installed at Guangzhou Yihai Hotel

Guangzhou Uygur Hotel cooperated with Guli Technology to install the new smart electronic hotel door lock and the corresponding electronic door display and power take-off switch of Gulijia GLJ-898FH. This hotel lock keeps improving on every detail, pursuing luxurious elegance in a majestic style, and integrating modern design techniques is closer to practicality. Its luxurious temperament is a symbol of luxury and dignity, and is the preferred choice of major star hotels.


The reason that hotel locks can become a popular lock is its powerful function. The design is also an attractive factor. The person who chooses the hotel's lock, likes his beautifully designed appearance, has a very stylish sense of the atmosphere, uses the sensing function, can easily open, without the need to carry a mechanical key. As an increasingly intelligent day today, whether it is furniture, hotels, or office space, everyone is developing on the trend of using hotel locks. Gu Lijia is committed to let smart locks into millions of households!


The above is Gulijia's door lock and custom electronic door display

Hotel locks are generally intelligent products, which are more convenient than other traditional home lock products. Do you know what are the advantages of smart hotel locks?

Intelligent Hotel Lock Advantages

1, strict time limit function

The built-in clock of the lock core, through strict time setting, when the guest's house expires, the room card will be automatically invalidated, effectively preventing guests from defaulting on the rent;

2, multi-level key card, clear separation of powers and responsibilities

According to hotel management needs, you can set your own card, floor card, floor card, cleaning card, and guest card. However, the rules for using the cards are different. However, only the card used by the hotel card is used by the hotel card when the card is used together with the owner. Effective, of course, the customer's use of its own card is also effective;


3, do not disturb function, more hotel friendly image

After guests enter the room and lock it, the waiter will not be able to open the door (except for the use of emergency cards in emergency situations);

4, key card report loss function, stop the key card flexible

After the keycard is lost and the front management system is simply set up, the lost keycard will be ineffective, and guests can rest easy;

5, open the record query function, add a more secure

Inside the door lock with information "black box", can record the door lock history open door record (when and what "person" in what way to open the door), in order to query;

6, can add features

According to the needs of the hotel, smart card safes, smart cards and electricity, smart cards, elevators, and smart card settlement fees can be added to achieve more than one card, which can help improve the hotel's grade and reduce the hotel's resources and manpower.

Of course, because it belongs to the smart lock, I believe that in the process of continuous development of the technology in the future, the advantages of the hotel's smart lock will be more and more, and the scope of application will be more and more extensive!

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