About the safety and reliability of mechanical lock design

Abstract: The reliability design method of vehicle locks is different from the mechanical design of conventional locks. It is a reasonable requirement for designers to anticipate the safety of vehicle locks, give full play to the designer's creativity and wisdom, and use the concept and method of preventive control to carry out new ideas. , the practice of designing and manufacturing novel, creative and practical structures or devices. Compared with conventional mechanical design, the reliability design of vehicle locks is not much different. It mainly emphasizes the dominant and creative role of people in the design process. Its prevention intention is subject to people, safety is expected to be selective, preventive and controlled, and safety measures are standardized. Therefore, human innovative thinking has become an indispensable part of the vehicle lock reliability design method, and it dominates the innovative design.

In China, the conventional design of mechanical locks still dominates, especially in the field of locks for traffic vehicles, which is mainly due to the lack of innovative design. At present, in the case of increasingly serious vehicle theft, the vehicle locks use the reliability design method to improve the safety and reliability of the system and eliminate the hidden dangers of the vehicle. According to the bicycle market survey data: millions of bicycles are stolen every year in China, and 34.9% of dealers believe that the serious loss of vehicles restricts the expansion of the bicycle market; another 26.8% of dealers believe that serious vehicle loss restricts the electric bicycle market. expand. Therefore, we must break through the routine, explore our own creative thinking, strengthen the ability of China's innovative vehicle lock structure design, and take a road of innovation with the safety features of vehicle locks.

From the current situation of China's mechanical lock design , it is still based on conventional design. For example, the common car locks are mostly designed with crab claws, strips, U -shapes, etc., and these designs are of poor quality and are ineffective, easy to attack and defend. Can not effectively prevent car theft. Although these types of locks have played a phased role, the helpless car thief "one foot high, one high demon" makes the lock lose its security. From the relevant data retrieval , some people have begun research on the innovative design of the body lock , and have got rid of the original structural form , using the new concept of prevention and control and safety and reliability to design a unique "one car, one lock" One yard"   Body lock products.

First, from single item to system equilibrium

The goal of the innovative design of mechanical locks is to create the new mechanical locks to achieve the expected safety and reliability, and to achieve good operational performance, high cost performance and positive social benefits.

To create, we must first have creative thinking, which is a unique attribute of the human brain. Creative thinking is "thinking of ideas that others have not thought of." Creative thinking is a novel and unique information processing art. It is a high-level overall process of the organic combination of the various forms of thinking activities of the human brain and the various elements of thinking activities. Creative thinking is different from the logical thinking commonly used in the design field. It mainly consists of creative thinking and creative imagination. Logical thinking is one-dimensional, one-way and single-solving, while creative thinking is a three-dimensional thinking. There is usually no fixed extension direction, which emphasizes intuitiveness, association, fantasy and inspiration, so innovative design is not based on logical reasoning, but on the stimulation of creative thinking.

Because the common car locks are mostly designed with crab claws, strips, U -shapes, etc., the single item highlights a trick that is not helpful, and the overall strength of the lock is uneven. The risk of vehicle theft is a omission of details, so that the car thief can take advantage of it, so that the owner can still prevent multiple locks. The safety factor rule adopted by ordinary car locks often leads to an overly conservative design for insurance. The consequences are: the weak items are too weak, the strengths are too strong, the larger parts size, volume and weight are obtained, and the raw materials are consumed. Processing time and manpower increase production costs.

Reliability design requirements need to adopt different reliability indicators according to different products and conditions of use, such as reliability, failure rate, maintenance degree, reliable life, economic scale, etc., and design the reliability directly into the parts, and then Then design into the system. From the perspective of the safety and reliability of locks, as long as there are weaknesses in the constituent units, the system still has strengths and it is difficult to be independent and useless. Vehicle locks not only accept consumer judgment, but more importantly, they can withstand the test of the crisis. The car thief is not a leisurely generation, the tactics are often refurbished, and it is easy to avoid the reality. Ordinary vehicles are latched in structural defects with low degree of association between the lock and the vehicle, and often lose more than prevention.

A body lock adopts a reliability design method, and the overall structural strength is balanced, that is, a smaller part size, volume and weight can be obtained, thereby saving raw materials, time and manpower, reducing production costs, and bringing greater economic benefits. The system is a combination of a plurality of units (parts) combined with each other in order to perform a prescribed function. Therefore, the reliability of the system depends on the reliability of the unit, and the reliability of the unit is the basis of the system reliability. Think of the lock as a series system consisting of several units. The lock should work properly, and all the units that make up it must work properly. The characteristics of a body lock: the intrinsic property characterized by "defense", the structure of "one car, one lock and one body", with various functions such as protection against 16 tons of shearing, prevention of 50 cm rods, and anti-unloading without bolt connection. It’s all in one, even if the car is stolen and sold.

Second, from safety expectations to preventive control

Ordinary structures include chains, crab claws, U -shaped locks, etc., but ordinary locks can not meet the safety guarantees provided by vehicles in intricate environments, making thieves unable to attack. In view of the key and difficult issues of vehicle theft social management, research and technical support for vehicle safety issues, normal management, effective prevention and control, and provide comprehensive solutions. The economic property of the lock is a commodity, which is a tool for ensuring the safety of traffic vehicles. It can help solve problems through technical solutions. The lock has social attributes as a public safety product. It must be integrated into the social governance process to build a safe society. Providing material and technical support, only by building it as a systematic project can we achieve long-term stability and enhance the people's sense of security and enhance satisfaction.

The steel stamp (brand or manufacturer-specific identification mark) set by the vehicle shall be uniformly recorded on the surface of the fixed ring and the movable ring of the frame and the lock, and the single character shall be greater than 5 mm . The tempered identification mark set on the surface of the lock is used as a carrier for transmitting vehicle information, which facilitates the real-time information query comparison required by the public security comprehensive information inquiry system for non-motor vehicles. In the area of ​​public security management, a . Solve the problems of finding difficulties, tracking difficulties, difficult to arrest, and obtaining evidence at the security level; b . Overcoming the use of brake-type locks, stealing and selling, locking and destroying vehicles without damage In order to make the car thief succeed and sell in the black market, illegal gains and other disadvantages. Locks set the steel mark even if the loss of the lock car theft (technical opening), it is also a cover-up, giving the handle. The identification of the facts of the black market is a respect for people and a serious matter to safeguard public security. In the past, the passive “something emergency” approach was adopted, and the problem was already solved. It is recommended to adopt the active "checkmark correction" method, so as not to leak, police and people to prevent and control, prevent problems before they occur.

The characteristics of a body lock: external support based on "control", one lock and one code, assist in tracing the car, easy to return to the owner, involving the "Rules for the implementation of bicycle code management of production enterprises" formulated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, obey the police Establish information management requirements for stolen two-wheelers. Set lock smashing and bad brand damage, conform to the market "one car, one lock, one yard" sales model, the code at the front end of the frame is clearly identifiable, obvious, easy to use, difficult to attack and easy to defend, for the majority Consumers provide peace of mind security services. Prevention intentions are subject to people, safety expectations are selective, prevention and control are subject to people, and safety measures are standardized.

Social management is improved in innovation, perfected in development, and actively responds to the complexity, arduousness and long-term nature of vehicle theft. Loss prevention and crime prevention should play the role of technical prevention and safety services. The key to improving prevention and control capabilities lies in institutional innovation. Public safety requires the support of the whole society, encourages public participation, and regulates administrative law enforcement. The comprehensive management of social management focuses on combating crimes and mainly on crime prevention. It embodies the spirit of "practicing and preventing concurrently, taking prevention as the mainstay" and more effectively implementing public security measures. To build a social network for preventing illegal and criminal activities, and to form a comprehensive, full-time control, multi-level prevention and control system for social management prevention and control measures is to improve the security of the masses and create a social security environment.

In fact, the innovative design of mechanical locks is not as difficult as imagined, but it is not easy. It is extremely difficult to solve the problem of vehicle theft, involving the government's social management, the innovation of corporate locks and the participation of consumers. Therefore, this paper only studies the significance and influence of mining mechanical locks from the examples of mechanical lock products, in order to promote the transformation of industrial locks and the industrialization of industrial locks to play a technical support role in building a safe society.

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