Home improvement knowledge Daquan tile paving experience summary

Before the renovation of the house, many owners may think that they only have to find a decoration company, and everything will be fine, waiting for the final result. According to my understanding, there are too many people with this kind of thinking, and the disputes that lead to the final decoration are quite common.

Take the wall as an example, the paint is well painted. Anyone can see from the decorative effect of the wall, whether there is no trachoma, whether there is color inconsistency, whether it is uniform, or whether there is a falling. In addition, like the tile paving, it is easy to see whether it is good. According to the normal paving, the surface must be clean, the lines are consistent, no scratches, no color difference, no cracks, no missing corners. The floor tiles are flat and there is no empty drum.

This year, my home decoration, it took me a lot of thoughts, it took a long time to choose the bricks. The living room was finally decided by the "Golden Stone" polished tiles of the gold medal Tianwei ceramics, and the kitchen bathroom was decorated with the gold medal Tianwei ceramics. The Spider-Man series, after some hard work, the final decoration effect is very satisfying. Here we share with you some experience of the tile paving. Although we don’t have to go to the construction, we master these skills and experience. Tile paving is still very helpful.

Experience 1: Show your project manager your professionalism

Why should we put this point to the forefront to emphasize it? From my personal point of view, this is very important. If the project manager or the foreman finds you professional and knows some knowledge about tile paving and acceptance, For example, the paving process, the preparation of the paving, and the acceptance method after the paving.

Generally speaking, he knows that if you understand these things, you will take the construction very seriously, because the professional impression you left him will make him afraid to take it lightly.

Experience 2: Workers are most important

In fact, if you understand the construction of this kind of construction, or have reliable relatives and friends to do the work, then the quality of the tile paving is sure to be reassuring. As a very mature technology, there is no difficulty in tile paving. The key is the details, and there is no way to cut corners and work according to the process.

Therefore, I suggest making a request for the work sent by the decoration company, asking for the work of sending construction experience in advance, or the worker holding the relevant certificate. And it is possible to communicate with the heads of the workers before the construction, and find that the working methods and attitudes are problematic, and the decoration company is required to replace them.

Experience 3: carefully select tiles

The texture, color, gloss, etc. of the tiles may affect the decoration style of the room, and also affect the living experience and the satisfaction and mood of the residence. For example, the "Rhyme Stone" polished brick of the gold medal Tianwei ceramics has a high gloss, a rich layering, and a variety of changes, which is very suitable for the living room, and it is simple and modern.

Designers generally put forward suggestions in this regard, but many grassroots designers do not have too high a level, what they do may not satisfy you, or find a designer with a good case, or their own color. Do some understanding with the mix and choose your favorite tiles.

Experience 4: Before laying tiles, there must be some preparation

This work is actually done by workers. Sometimes, it is not easy for the owner to see the problem. Therefore, it can be reminded before construction and checked during construction to ensure a rigorous process.

These preparations include: tiles need to be immersed for 1 or 2 hours, the base layer needs to be leveled, need to be cleaned, watered to wet the base layer, and can be laid on the ground or wall without obvious water marks.

Experience 5: Be sure to follow up in time during construction

Don't think that if you sign a renovation contract, everything will be fine. At the same time, don't wait until the project manager calls you to go to the construction site to take a look.

According to my experience, in the process of tile paving construction, it is necessary to check frequently, observe the process and technology of the paving master, check whether the paved brick is flat, and pay attention to whether the attached brick has broken cracks. If you find a problem, ask for correction immediately and have the project manager make a record as evidence.

Experience 6: Acceptance requirements for tile paving

After the tile is laid, in the inspection and acceptance process, it is necessary to check such factors to see if it passes, for example: whether the floor tiles are matched, the floor tiles are flat, the floor is clean, the floor tiles are empty, there is no color difference, the bathroom The slope of the balcony, how the caulking is done, whether the gap of the brick surface is regular, whether the brick surface has broken and broken corners, whether the position of the tile and the waist line is correct, whether there is any deviation or the like.

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