Picking tiles three tips

Tiles are an indispensable material for home decoration. Good tiles are not only durable, but also have the value of appreciation. However, there are many brands of ceramic tiles on the market, and the classification of ceramic tiles is becoming more and more fine, and such development has also made it more and more difficult for consumers to select ceramic tiles. So what do you need to do to get a good ceramic tile? Recently, the author visited a number of large-scale stores such as Fuchun Home Furnishing Market, Hailu Boutique Home Furnishing Plaza, etc., and consulted the heads of many brand tiles, integrating the following purchases. Common sense for the reader's reference.

Three major mistakes in tile purchase

thickness. “A customer once asked me if the thicker tiles are more durable.” Ms. Chen, a senior shopping guide from Marco Polo, told the author that this is actually a misunderstanding because the quality of the tiles is mainly related to the choice of ceramics and the manufacturing process, rather than thinness. degree. The thickness of the tile is determined at the time of product design. The product will be tested through a series of experiments before leaving the factory. It is not that the one is thinner than that one, unless it is artificially thin.

Color. Some customers care about the color of the tile, and the brighter the color, the better the quality of the tile. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because the color of many antique bricks on the market is relatively dark. Ms. Chen said: "The color of the tiles is only the external decoration of the tiles, not the evidence for judging the quality."

Water seepage test. Considering the problem of sanitary cleaning, if the quality of the tiles is not good, it may seep when the mopping is done. Once it returns to Nantian, it becomes a pool. Therefore, customers pay attention to the waterproof and anti-fouling ability when purchasing ceramic tiles. Zhao Pinglong, manager of the Romano tile, told the author that in fact, whether the tile is waterproof or antifouling depends on the density of the tile. The higher the density, the stronger the waterproof and antifouling ability. Customers can test by splashing water, but remember that it is not splashing water on the front, because the front is glazed, and the glazed tiles on the poor tiles will not seep in front. Generally, water seepage is infiltrated from the back or side of the tiles. So, splash water on the back, 3-5 minutes after splashing water, you will see if there is a watermark under the glaze on the front of the tile. The smaller the watermark, the better the quality of the tile.

Three tips to help you buy good tiles

one look. “Every tile has its own special texture, and in addition to being beautiful, these textures can be one of the criteria for judging the quality of tiles – that is, observing textures.” Ms. Marco Polo said: “The clearer the tile texture, Explain that the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles is getting home."

Two touches. Another way to identify the quality of tiles is to “touch”. “When you buy, you can touch the side of the tile and the flat surface on the back. The thinner the hand, the higher the density of the tile and the better the quality.”

Three knocks. “Knocking is very particular, because instead of knocking the tiles on the ground, it is not knocking on the wall, but hanging on the tiles, the crisper the sound, the better the texture.” Ms. Huang, a senior guide of the Mona Lisa tile, said. And the Romano tile Zhao Pinglong told the author another way: "If the tile purchased is a high-grade brick, then you can consult the store, can you set the brick on the ground, land on the ground, and then let go of the tile yourself, if the brick The quality is good enough, you will hear the flute. But before you do this, you must ask the owner."

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