What are the conveniences of the convenience store design?

Life is always so convenient for us. Especially the aspect of our consumption. There are many places that are open 24 hours a day. Contributed to our consumption. Let us consume very well. The convenience store is very popular with everyone. The following is a small series of decoration homes and everyone to introduce the more tasteful, what styles of convenience store decoration ? Such a good decoration will also bring us a good business.


First, what styles of convenience store decoration?

1, very tasteful style, fresh and rustic style, whether it is a new store renovation or old store renovation is a very good choice. Small and fresh pastoral styles are common in urban convenience stores. The idyllic convenience store is suitable for the price of the price bar, generally in the green and blue.

2, the Mediterranean style is also loved by many people, the Mediterranean style store decoration style is in front of our eyes in a bold style. The simple color expression technique reflects the unique Mediterranean national customs, bold features, and the principle of freedom and simple and generous visual system.

3, European style is a special luxury feeling in the store high end, European style suitable for the choice of shelves color is more extensive, the price of the price bar generally thinks that the blue is mostly, the overall style is perfect to match the convenience store style, giving a fresh The simple effect, which strongly attracts convenience store customers to buy more products.

Second, what are the convenience store design points?


1. When considering the design, the interior design of the convenience store should balance the beauty and safety. This customer likes it. The interior design of the convenience store should be evenly symmetrical, and at the same time, the safety of the customer should be noted. For example, do not set the steps in the store, which is likely to cause the customer to slip.

2, there must be a good light utilization, the convenience store interior design should use a straight line design. Everyone has to understand. Any twisting movement of the moving line will cause confusion to the customer. In the case of having to use the moving line design, a sign should be placed at the turn to indicate the category of the next shelf item.

3, the most important point of design must meet the customer's desire to buy. Let us attract more customers. The interior layout of the convenience store should be divided according to the room type of the convenience store. When designing the convenience store space, it should be considered in a unified manner. The design should conform to the customer's desire to purchase, and it is close to the shelf near the main entrance of the convenience store, which can stimulate customers. Shop consumption.

Everyone needs to know that customers are God, so we have good decoration to attract more customers. Let our decoration have a better effect. Bring benefits to our business. If you have any knowledge of home improvement. Remember to visit our decoration home. Our home renovation website will constantly update home improvement information.

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