Digital display electric mixer basic structure, use method and matters needing attention

The digital electric mixer is an experimental equipment for liquid mixing and stirring. The digital electric mixer is suitable for stirring various liquids and colloids that require the stirring speed. Widely used in various scientific research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises in the physical and chemical laboratory. Next, Xiao Bian gave everyone a specific explanation of the basic structure, usage, and precautions of the digital electric mixer.


Digital display electric mixer basic structure

1, digital display brushless frequency conversion motor

2, governor, stepless speed regulation

3, stirring rod can be replaced as needed

4, lifting bracket, can easily adjust the working height of the mixing head

5, base

Digital display electric mixer use method

When using this instrument, please first check with the complete machine accessories is complete, and then first install the fixture in order, the required beaker is placed in the middle of the chrome plate, add the solution to the stirrer in the beaker solution, the temperature control The probe is fixed on the rubber chuck, so that the metal rod is stored in the beaker. Please pay attention not to affect the stirring rod too much. Then insert the power plug of the instrument and then turn on the power. Turn on the power speed switch and the indicator lamp lights up. Work, speed control is gradually adjusted to high speed from low speed, do not allow direct start high gear, so as not to synchronize the stirrer, causing beating. Heating switch control, open the heating source switch, select the desired temperature, the green light indicates the heating plate work, the red light indicates the stop heating plate work, at this time into the constant temperature state, should cut off the power when not working, to ensure safety, use When connected to the ground, the instrument should be kept clean and dry. It is forbidden that the solution enters the machine, so as to avoid damage to the parts and prevent violent vibration.

Digital electric mixer note

1. When the stirrer is used, it should be slowly accelerated from slow to fast. If the straightness of the stirrer is poor, the rotation speed cannot be fast or soft and the shaft is connected and fixed with a support sleeve;

2. When the agitator is working, please don't rely too close to avoid the risk of clothing, hair getting caught in the hair, etc.

3, to prevent splashing liquid.

The above is the basic structure of digital electric mixers, the methods of use, and the matters needing attention for small numbers of electric mixers. The digital electric mixer is a machine that can be digitally displayed, and the experiment is more accurate. Digital display electric mixer is a kind of low noise mechanical deceleration mechanism, small volume and large output torque, suitable for scientific research, universities, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, medical units and other test equipment.

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