New progress in temperature measurement of high pressure in situ sample of diamond on anvil

Diamond-to-anvil (DAC) can generate millions of extremely high pressures and is the mainstream device for high voltage scientific research. Accurate calibration of temperature and pressure within the DAC is a basic requirement for high pressure experiments. Due to the inability to place thermocouples in the sample chamber, accurate calibration of the temperature has not been resolved in the temperature range of hundreds to 1000 degrees. The research team Gao Chunxiao of the laboratory combined the multi-couple temperature measurement and the temperature field calculation, and gave the temperature distribution map of the anvil and the sample, and then obtained the actual temperature and temperature gradient of the high-pressure in-situ sample. The calculation results of the temperature field also point out the causes of the error in the lateral temperature measurement of the anvil and the solution. The results of this study provide a new method for accurate measurement of sample temperature in DAC, which guarantees the reliability of temperature measurement in high pressure experiments, and is of great value for accurately determining the state equation and phase transition temperature of materials. The results of the study were published in Applied Physics Letters, 112, 081901 (2018); doi: 10.1063/1.5010726 1521790030327634.png

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