Electronic "supernormal" transitions help develop new materials

Electronic "supernormal" transition helps develop new materials

Researchers at the Australian National University have recently published a paper claiming that they have detected electrons that have jumped outside the normal orbit.

Under normal circumstances, electrons move around a nucleus in a specific orbit, just as a planet moves around the sun. However, new research has found that electrons can instantaneously transition to higher-energy orbits.

The research team made an accurate snapshot of the electron pair in the hydrogen molecule. They used X-ray beams to knock out one of the electrons from the molecule, causing the two atoms to separate. Experiments have shown that a pair of electron moments in the ground state orbit transit to the orbit with higher energy at the same time, which is an example of quantum correlation.

The correlation between electrons is usually weak and difficult to observe, but in some cases it will lead to obvious abnormal behavior of the electrons, such as superconductivity, which is the basis of high-capacity computer memory. Scientific researchers have clearly observed unusual motions between electrons through high-sensitivity experimental techniques. This is a major breakthrough in the study of next-generation electronic devices based on superconductors and other materials.

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