Suzhou villa decoration company which is a good choice Suzhou villa decoration company recommended

The decoration of the villa is very different from the ordinary apartment decoration, so it is better to find a professional villa decoration company more secure. Take Suzhou. At present, there are many small and large villa decoration companies in Suzhou. Which one is better? If you are still troubled by the choice of the decoration company, you may wish to come with me to find out which one is better.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 1, Suzhou purple apple international design

Purple Apple Decoration was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Shanghai. Currently, it owns brands such as “Purple Apple Overall Home Decoration, Overall Softwear, and Purple Apple Precision Finishing”, 19 direct sales companies and stores in 15 cities, and is the fastest growing large-scale home furnishing group in China. Purple Apple is known as “China's Most Potential Home Furnishing Company” in the industry with its continuous industry innovation, numerous countless honours and explosive growth year after year. The overall home improvement model created by Purple Apple is the most forward-looking industry model in China, leading the domestic fashion trend.

Address: 5F, Guangrong Building, 289 Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou City

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 2, Suzhou Feng Ya decoration company

Suzhou Fengya Decoration Co., Ltd. is a design and construction double-B level decorating enterprise integrating design, construction, material distribution, flooring, and decorations development. Mainly engaged in: decoration design and construction of houses, apartments, offices, schools, hospitals and other places.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 3, Suzhou Qingfeng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Qingfeng Enterprise was founded in 1999. It is led by architectural design, space design, and soft decoration design. The decoration decoration and material integration are the main industries. It involves comprehensive enterprises in various fields such as real estate development and catering culture.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 4, Suzhou Jiapeng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jiapeng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Suzhou decoration company that integrates indoor and outdoor design and construction and decoration materials management. Since its establishment, it has been recognized by many owners. In recent years, there have been no customer complaints, prompting further standardization of management.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 5 Suzhou Red Ant Decoration Company (decoration project)

Suzhou Red Ant Decoration, established in 1999, is an early enterprise engaged in decoration engineering. It attracts the majority of decoration owners with its unique “creative, quality, and service”.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 6, Suzhou Jinyi Building Decoration Co., Ltd. (interior decoration)

Jinyi Construction Company, established in 1993, mainly specializes in interior decoration and integrates curtain wall, landscape, artwork, intelligence, exhibition and other specialized decorative groups.

Suzhou villa decoration company which is good 7, Suzhou Jiuding Decoration Co., Ltd.

Jiuding Decoration was founded in August 1998. It specializes in the design and construction of decoration companies for residences, villas, hotels, shops, and office buildings. The scope of business is the same as Jinhao.

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Suzhou Villa Decoration

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