Entrance door partition design makes your entrance partition more beautiful

The entrance doorway partition plays an important role in modern homes. The entrance space is often not large, and it is not very regular, but it condenses the style and sentiment of the whole home design. Usually connected to the living room, it protects the privacy of the owner and also prevents the strong flow of outdoor air into the room. Then, Xiaobian introduced the entrance partition design for everyone.

Entrance door partition entrance shoe cabinet entrance partition

Choose the entrance shoe cabinet entrance partition cabinet according to the home entrance area and furniture style, select the appropriate style and color. In the lower entrance of the shoe cabinet, the lower cabinet can place shoes. The upper cabinet can place some items not used in the room. It can share the storage problems for other rooms. The white cabinet gives a neat and tidy feel. The people left a good impression. The countertops in the entrance to the shoe cabinet can be decorated with small decorations.

Entrance door cut off the ceramic tile painting

If there is a closet in the entrance of the house, then we can choose a tile painting matching the wardrobe as the entrance partition on the opposite side of the entrance. The best choice for the tile painting is the elegant and natural portrait. Then we go home from work to see it. The portrait can also relieve our tiredness, and the atmosphere of the entire entrance becomes very natural.

Doorway to cut off the entrance to the bookshelf wall

There are many ways to cut off the entrance. We can use the wall opposite the entrance as a partition, and the wall facing the interior can be used as a bookcase. This way, we not only save space, but also solve the problem of access to the partition. The bookcase can be placed. Books and decorations at home, the following cabinets can be used for items not used at home, and the design of the bookshelf wall is similar to the design of the entrance shoe cabinet, but this design is more creative.

Entrance door cut off the frosted glass

The partition door can also choose a frosted glass to be used as the door partition. The unique blur effect of the frosted glass can play a good role in blocking the line of sight, and the frosted glass can be added to the shoe design below, so that the entrance will not be allowed. The partition looks monotonous. The ceiling of the entrance at the top of the entrance and the stylish frosted glass partition on the other side make the entrance look beautiful.

Editor's summary: The design of the entrance partition is introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Entrance door shoe cabinet

The opposite side aperture of each grid of the US grid is generally 6.5cm-14cm. The thickness of the wire used is generally from 3.5mm-6mm. The wire material is generally Q235 low-carbon iron wire. The iron wire is welded into embossed black mesh. The overall dimensions of the mesh are generally 1.5 meters by 4 meters, 2 meters by 4 meters, and 2 meters by 3 meters.
General surface treatment is cold (electric) galvanizing. There are also hot-dip galvanizing, dipping, spraying. But overall, ninety-nine percent are cold (electric) galvanized. There are several points to note about the U.S. grid
1.Wire diameter
The smaller the mesh size of the JM grid, the finer the warp is required, and the larger the mesh, the thicker the warp is required. For example, a mesh diameter of 6.5cm requires an iron diameter of 3.5mm-4mm. It will break if it is thinned again, and it is too heavy for the workers to bear.
The overall size of the Rimage grid does not exceed 2 meters. The length is generally not more than 4m. More than 2 meters, one is laborious, and the other is poor galvanization. The length can also reach 6 meters, but it will not exceed 6 meters. Generally more than 4 meters after the price will increase significantly.
3. Whether the solder joint is firmly welded.
Mei grid welding joints are generally relatively strong, but if the worker is a novice and the technology of adjusting the machine is not high, the situation of welding joints will appear. Once this situation occurs, it will inevitably bring major losses to customers and factories.
4. Galvanizing process
Galvanization is also a problem-prone part of the Grid. Many workers are irresponsible. The boss is a little inattentive, and the worker is likely to shorten the galvanization time quickly, resulting in a situation where zinc is not available. As a result, factories and distributors can also suffer significant losses.
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