Living room TV background wall paper how to choose background wall paper how to install

The living room TV background wall paper , this is believed to be familiar to everyone, TV background wall paper is used to decorate the TV background wall, wallpaper because of the colorful, simple laying, environmentally friendly and healthy, so it has been very popular with everyone. TV background wall paper has many advantages, but many people do not know how to buy. Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the TV background wall paper How to choose, why should we install the living room TV background wall paper related content!


How to choose the living room TV background wall paper

1, choose the color

TV background wall paper color and pattern directly affect the space atmosphere, the color of the wallpaper can also affect people's emotions, it is best to choose the color of the light color, too deep and too glaring tones will easily make people feel heavy and emotionally nervous.

2, what materials are wallpaper

TV background wall paper is made of wood fiber, paper, fabric, and so on. Wood fiber wallpaper is soft and natural, easy to match with furniture, good ventilation performance, moisture and moisture on the wall can pass through the wallpaper; paper wallpaper can be printed, embossed, the substrate is breathable, the price is cheaper, but the water is afraid The fabric wallpaper is wear-resistant, does not generate static electricity, and has good sound absorption effect, which is elegant, soft and comfortable, but the price is relatively expensive.

3, wallpaper and decoration to coordinate

Whether the TV background wall paper is coordinated with the whole color of the house decoration, some wallpapers look good, but when taken back to match the decoration of the home, it is too strong or otherwise uncoordinated. When buying wallpapers, it is recommended to ask for a sample, take it back and compare it, the overall color is consistent.

4, look at the quality of the wallpaper by hand

The feel of the wallpaper, you can touch it by hand, generally more delicate, soft wallpaper is better. Through more comparisons, pick out the wallpaper that you feel comfortable with.

5, choose the wallpaper through the smell

Environmental protection and health are important. When you choose TV background wall paper, you should smell the smell of the wallpaper. If the smell does not smell or the smell is too heavy, don't buy it. Generally, the smell is not heavy, otherwise the home will be damp, and the smell of the wallpaper will be emitted, which will affect the air in the whole living room and is not conducive to health.


Why do you want to install the living room TV background wall paper?

1, the living room TV background wall using beautiful wallpaper can make the home style color, the wallpaper embellishment effect, always can show the exquisite life taste of the home owner in a subtle place, usually, the TV background wall is the embodiment of the living room style, so the design At the beginning of the design, the first consideration is how the style of the background wall matches the overall style of the living room. It is a furniture that can highlight the individual pursuit of the owner under the premise of improving the overall style.

2. However, it is not very important for the living room TV background wall paper to be used, because the same material can also make different styles of the wall, so the main thing is to consider the aesthetics of this part and the impact on the whole space.

3. Now, after plasma TVs and LCD TVs have become the protagonists of the living room, some designs have begun to realize the “invisibility” of home appliances. The designer used the household appliances as an element in the design, placed the placement of the home appliances in the background painting, and decorated them with appropriate images, which became a part of the background painting.

The above is the living room TV background wall paper How to choose, why should we install the detailed answer to the living room TV background wall paper, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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