Moldex3d develops glass fiber concentration prediction

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At present, large-scale plastic products have entered a stable development period of lightweight production. In addition to being lightweight, plastic fiber can also increase durability and impact resistance, and these are important inspection items for current product specifications. one.

The addition of glass fiber affects the filling flow, deformation and structural strength of the product. There are three main parameters: glass fiber orientation, glass fiber length (glass fiber fracture prediction) and glass fiber concentration. Recently, research on the influence of two parameters of glass fiber orientation and glass fiber length prediction has progressed. Through software analysis, the effects of these two factors on warpage deformation and product rigidity can be accurately predicted. However, compared with the above two parameters, "glass fiber concentration" is the main key to affect the product flow behavior. The higher the glass fiber concentration volume ratio, the greater the viscosity of the material, which makes it difficult to fill the melt.

As for the study of "glass fiber concentration", as early as 1956, Maron and Pierce theoretically deduced that the concentration of filler in the suspension affects the relative viscosity of the solution, and completes the relative relationship between the volume percentage of the suspension and the viscosity of the solution. In 1980, Kitano et al. performed experimental results comparing different fillers such as glass fiber and carbon fiber with theoretical formulas.

Moldex3D has been verified by both literature theory and experiments. It is a software that can provide complete simulation analysis for the injection molding process of adding glass fiber. It simulates three major factors that predict changes in material properties: glass fiber orientation, fiberglass length, and glass fiber concentration.

In addition to its powerful analytical capabilities for fiberglass directional and fiberglass rupture, the Moldex3D R13 version provides a specific simulation analysis model for the "glass fiber concentration prediction" that is currently lacking in the market for mold flow software; through real 3D geometry The model analysis and Suspension balance model can be used to derive the conservation equation of the particle volume fraction, and the simulation case should prove that Vélez-García et al. published the CD-ROM experiment VWB, LA and NA in 2012. The way – the distribution of the glass fiber concentration affects the viscosity of the melt, and then the velocity field of the filling flow.

Moldex3D's breakthrough simulation technology for glass fiber concentration helps users to take into account the effects of three major parameters of glass fiber on material properties and conduct comprehensive analysis to compensate for the lack of prediction technology in the past. Moldex3D simulation analysis technology brings fast and powerful lightweight evaluation energy, helping users to obtain more complete and accurate analysis results and improve production efficiency during the simulation phase.

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