What is the characteristic of the sunken landscape of the sunken landscape?

Now people's living standards have improved, so people's requirements for quality of life have also increased. The purchase of villas has become common in our lives. There are courtyards where there are villas, so the design courtyard is also What we need to do, the most used way is the sunken landscape, then what is the sunken landscape ? What are the characteristics of the sunken landscape? The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you Let's go.


First, what is the sunken landscape

1. Compared with other landscape design books, this book not only has a novel theme, but also a wonderful content. From the theme, there is a shortage of such books in the domestic market. The introduction of this book will certainly make up for this gap; from the content, compared with the sinking landscape design that has just emerged in China, foreign design works are even more Mature, not only reflects the clever use of space, but also incorporates humanized functional design.

2. At present, there are few books on the design elements of a garden in the domestic market. Most of them introduce the design of the whole garden project. The sales situation is different, but there are few books that specifically target the design and application of the sunken landscape. This book is positioned in landscape design atlas, targeted to provide design reference sunken landscape landscape architect for the project, to help designers to grasp the sunken landscape design applications in commercial space, public space and living space in the project, The small garden landscape is combined with different architectural spaces to achieve the best aesthetic and practical effects.


Second, the characteristics of the sunken landscape

1. First of all, the quality of space has changed completely. In the part facing the landscape (courtyard), large-area windows are opened, doors are opened, and internal and external transparency is achieved to achieve natural lighting. Secondly, the landscape is better, the garden is outside the window, and the courtyard can be easily stepped out. Third, the function is stronger. This is a truly comfortable and practical space. It not only releases the functions of auxiliary areas such as equipment rooms and maids in the traditional basement, but also adds functional areas such as home entertainment and outdoor activities to the basement .

2. The charm of the sunken courtyard is created by the slope of the courtyard and the green ground at the bottom of the villa. The traditional Chinese garden design pays attention to the interesting and interesting feelings, and it can also be experienced in the sunken courtyard. Compared with the unobstructed flat-floor courtyard design, this hidden courtyard contains nothing to reveal. At the same time, although it is outside, but because of "sinking" into the lower part of the house, it can bring a strong sense of belonging to the same as the home garden. One is connected to nature, the other is warm home life. This courtyard is created by high and low levels, giving the space a richer sense of sight and use.

3. The classic design of the sunken courtyard view is to open a wall in the basement and connect it to the sunken courtyard. This design not only effectively introduces sunlight and fresh air into the basement, but also creates a good courtyard view for the basement, which has improved the comfort and functionality of the courtyard.

The sunken landscape is what people like now, and it has its own unique way. So for what is the sunken landscape and what features he has, those who want to know this knowledge have also learned through the introduction of Xiaobian, then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration. Internet cafe.

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