How about the beautiful foot bath? How to maintain the beauty of the foot bath?

Do you have any tour guides or have a long footing every day? After a whole day of work, the pain in your feet is really painful. You know that using the foot bath is a very good way to relieve the pain, especially for the elderly at home. Bathtub, compared to other advantages, the US brand must know everyone, so how about the beautiful foot bath ? Is it as good as its other products, let's take a look.


First, how about the beautiful foot bath

Midea's foot bath is part of Midea Life Appliances. Midea Group was founded in 1968. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group mainly engaged in home appliance manufacturing. It owns Midea Electric (SZ000527), Little Swan (SZ000418) and Welling Holdings (HK00382). Wait for three listed companies. The use of cost-effective, easy to use, this design emphasizes the safety and basic function of the reliability button control to adjust the temperature. This product is equipped with a remote control to easily set the desired function in the foot bath.

Second, how to maintain the beauty of the foot tub

1, the use of attention, especially the use, should first add water, turn on the power switch, select the surfing function to simply clean the machine to ensure the health of the water when using, and test whether the new machine is in danger of leakage.

2, try not to change quickly and frequently, so that not only damage the body, but also easily cause the function of the body disorder, so that it can not operate normally.

3. When using any foot bath powder foot bath medicine, be sure to pay attention to the fine gauze wrap (do the filter work), and then put it into the basin to prevent the foot bath from being blocked.

4. Drain first after use, try to drain the dirt or other debris in the water. If there is a small amount of water remaining, wipe it with a dry cloth, or open the drain for a period of time to make it flow naturally, but the time should not be too long. .


Third, what is the role of the beautiful foot tub?

1. Vibration massage - The bottom of the foot massager is equipped with a vibration motor and hundreds of massage particles. After starting the high-frequency vibration, it can fully stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue and improve health. To improve disease resistance.

2, water flow impact massage - foot massager on the front side of the water column spray, impact the acupuncture points on the feet, to relieve muscle tension and flexible massage, improve foot microcirculation, and promote health.

3, ozone to remove athlete's foot, foot odor, athlete's foot - foot bath massager can produce ozone bubbles, dissolved in water, with water containing oxygen to soak feet, can kill all kinds of bacteria on the feet, your feet will naturally not I have a baby's foot.

4, automatic heating and insulation - foot bath massager uses energy-saving running water direct heating type, can effectively control and maintain the body's comfortable water temperature, can be adjusted between 35 ~ 50 °C after starting, to reach your set temperature. Automatically maintains a constant temperature, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a foot massager.

It is estimated that everyone did not know that the United States still produces a foot bath, mainly because its other products are too famous, but this also makes us not have to worry about its product quality problems. Generally, this big brand is very concerned about user evaluation. So it will definitely produce quality quality foot tubs. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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