Comparison of plastic models (2)

"6" PS

Bowl of instant noodles, fast food box

Don't use microwave oven to cook instant noodles

Use: It is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but it cannot be placed in the microwave oven to prevent the release of chemicals due to excessive temperature (released when the temperature is 70 °C). And can not be used to carry strong acid (such as orange juice), strong alkaline substances, because it will break down the polystyrene that is not good for the human body, it is easy to cause cancer. Therefore, you should try to avoid using hot food boxes to pack hot food.

No. 7 "PC

Other categories: kettle, cup, bottle

PC gel meets pyrolysis bisphenol a

Use: A material that is used in large quantities, especially in bottles, is controversial because it contains bisphenol a. Lin Hanhua, an associate professor in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong, said that in theory, as long as the bisphenol a is converted into a plastic structure during the process of making the PC, it means that the product is completely free of bisphenol a, let alone released. However, if a small amount of bisphenol a is not converted into a plastic structure of PC, it may be released into food or drink. Therefore, be careful, pay special attention when using this plastic container.

Cleaning measures against bisphenol a:

The higher the temperature of bisphenol a remaining in PC, the more release and the faster the speed. Therefore, hot water should not be used in PC water bottles to avoid increasing the rate and concentration of bisphenol a (if any). If your kettle has the number 7, the following methods can reduce the risk:

1. Do not heat when using.

2. Do not use a dishwasher or a dishwasher to clean the kettle.

3. Do not let the kettle shine directly in the sun.

4. Before using for the first time, wash with baking soda powder and warm water, and dry naturally at room temperature. Because bisphenol a will release more during the first use and long-term use.

5. If there is any damage or breakage in the container, it is recommended to stop using it, because if the surface of the plastic product has fine pits, it is easy to hide bacteria.

6. Avoid repeated use of aging plastic appliances.

The name of the plastic --- the code and the corresponding abbreviation code are as follows:

Polyester ——————01—PET (Pot Bottle)

High density polyethylene - 02 - HDPE

Polyvinyl chloride————03-PVC

Low density polyethylene - 04-LDPE

Polypropylene —————05—PP (can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees)

Polystyrene --- 06-PS (60-70 degrees heat, hot drinks will produce toxins, will release styrene when burning)

Other plastic codes - 07 - Others

Among them, PP, PE, and PVC are abbreviations of English names. The Chinese names are polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride. The full English names are: polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyvinyl chlorid.

PVDF as its name implies, it is the use of PVDF as a coating material on the surface of the Aluminum Coil.PVDF is a kind of polyimylidene fluoride material. PVDF material is widly used on aluminum composite panel, Aluminum Sheet,aluminum honeycomb panel,Aluminum Ceiling, roof,pop-top can and electronic products. This material leads to maintenance and anti-corrosion.PVDF coated aluminum is the most popular aluminum product nowadays.
PVDF aluminum coil is level,beautiful,good quality,stability and environmental protection.
Usage of PVDF aluminum products:
Architectural aspect(like window blinds,roll-up door,garage door,rainshed,rain gutter)
Electronics and electronical equipment(like electrical panel,computer cabinet)
Others: solar reflector,blast pipe,furniture and electrical lighting.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Color Coated Aluminum Coil,Color Coated Aluminum Roofing Coil,PVDF Coated Aluminum Roofing Coil,PE Coated Aluminum Roofing Coil

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