Select pesticides for pest sites

First, according to the characteristics of the climate and the law of day and night activities of pests, choose to apply the medicine at a favorable time.

The time for applying the pesticide is preferably from 9 to 10 am and after 4 pm. Because after 9:00 am, the dew on the crop leaves has dried up, and it is the time when the sunrise pest activity is the most popular. At this time, the application of the drug will not affect the control effect due to the dew dilution of the liquid, and it can directly contact the pests with the pesticides, increasing the chance of poisoning the pests. After 4 pm, the sun is westward, the light is weakened, the temperature is lowered, and it is the time when the flying activities and the night-time pests are about to be dispatched at dusk. At this time, the medicine can be applied to the crops in advance, and the pests are It can be exposed to venom or feeding poisoning when it comes out at dusk or at night, and it can also avoid evaporation loss and photolysis failure.

Second, according to the pest's hazardous parts, choose different medicines and adopt different application methods to deliver medicines in place.

If the pest is harmful to the root, the agent is applied to the root or applied to the seeding ditch;

Spraying the liquid on the opposite side of the blade against the pests that feed on the back of the leaf;

Control the red bollworm and cotton bollworm and put the medicine on the flower bud, the green bell and the group tip;

Controlling aphids causes dry heart seedlings to smear soil;

Spraying or pouring water to prevent white spikes;

Control the rice planthopper and rice leafhopper to spray the liquid to the base of the rice plant;

Control the Spodoptera litura to spray the liquid onto the flower buds and young pods.

In addition, for the concealed pests such as cotton aphid, red spider, rice planthopper, and rice leafhopper, according to the feeding method of the sucking mouthparts, other parts of the plant can be absorbed after the insecticide is absorbed by the systemic strong insecticide. , to achieve the purpose of delivering drugs in place. Only when the insects are applied and the medicine is delivered in place, can the hits be hit, and the effect of removing the medicine to the insects can be achieved, so that the medicine can exert the best effect and obtain the desired insecticidal effect.

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