Drink this cup and then dry four kinds of material coffee table cleaning method

There are three glasses of red wine and a pot of tea in the future. Tea culture is said to have existed from the days of Shennong and it is now several thousand years old. The Chinese love to drink tea, leisurely time to come to a pot of tea, tea is also a product of life. The coffee table is also the same furniture that Chinese families will be placed in. Today we will talk about the cleaning methods and precautions of the different material coffee table.

One or four different material tea table cleaning methods

1, straw coffee table

Moisture-proof and dustproof, to prevent excessive weight to put a few crushed, placed in a cool and ventilated place. The structure of the straw set is easy to accumulate dirt and dirt. You can gently pat a few drops of dust. If necessary, you can wash it with water and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

2, glass coffee table

Pay attention to cleaning, avoid sharp and sharp things scratching glass, avoid strong collisions. Several sets of glass cleaning is relatively simple, generally wipe clean with a damp cloth.

3, solid wood coffee table

You can spread the tablecloth on several sides to prevent scratches and keep it dry, avoiding long-term direct sunlight. Several scratch-resistant products can be added at the bottom. Use a wrung wet towel for cleaning, so as not to scratch the flower surface. Do not use some multifunctional cleaners. They will cause damage to solid wood materials.

4, stone coffee table

Clean marble and other stone coffee table should use a neutral detergent to wipe. Wipe the coffee table carefully with a wrung cloth and detergent. Wipe the detergent clean with clean water. Wipe it with a dry cloth. Finally, use a wax cleaner to protect the room.

Second, the use of coffee table daily attention

1, often wipe - keep the coffee table gloss

It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag, soft wool board brush to remove the dust in the sunken or embossed ornament. After the coffee table that has been treated with paint, avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or the like to wipe the stains. Polish the wax with a colorless furniture, apply it evenly, and dry it with a cotton cloth to reduce the dust and enhance the gloss.

2, the ground level - to avoid loose parts

Place the floor of the coffee table must be kept flat, four legs securely and flatly on the ground, avoid placing the entire ground, if the coffee table is placed, in a state of frequent shaking and instability, the time will make the bread or fasteners loose, the adhesive part cracks, Of course, it will also affect the life of the coffee table. At the same time, it is not appropriate for the ground to have softness. Some people are accustomed to using wood boards and iron pads under one leg of the coffee table to correct the unevenness of the ground to obtain a stable coffee table. This is not a proper practice. If the mat moves slightly, it will also make the coffee table unstable. Even if it is flattened, due to unbalanced stress, it will affect the internal structure of the coffee table over time. The solution is to modify the ground, or use a large area of ​​hard plastic plate to reach the four legs of the coffee table flat.

3, away from moisture - to prevent rust

The indoor humidity should be protected within normal values. When the humidifier is used, it should only be in the dry season with low humidity, but it should be kept away from the coffee table spray. The moisture will cause the wood to decay, the metal parts will rust, and the adhesive part will easily open the plastic. Produce release film. When the large-scale cleanup is done during the festive season, avoid using alkaline water to clean the coffee table. Use a damp cloth to clean it. Do not use running water.

4, to avoid the sun - easy to fade yellow

The living room coffee table is placed in a position where it is best to avoid direct sunlight from outside the window. The coffee table is exposed to the sun for a long time, which will cause yellowing of the white paint, discoloration of the colored paint, and deterioration of the metal fittings. The material material will be brittle. If you are unable to remove the sun, you can use a curtain or blinds to protect the coffee table.

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