Henan illegal and high-toxic pesticides must not enter the market

According to the Xiaobian of the Pesticide Information Network , in order to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, Henan Shanghe Agricultural Bureau strictly controls pesticides from the “source” and creates a standardized operation demonstration store. In order to prevent merchants from selling highly toxic pesticides, farmers are on the market. Can not buy highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides, once the violation of illegal pesticides is strictly investigated, to ensure the safety of agricultural products market.

34 pesticide management demonstration stores "Anjia" Shanghe

According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghe County Agriculture Bureau, since 2014, the Shanghe County Agricultural Bureau has launched the “Reassuring Pesticide Management Demonstration Store” in the county, and the pesticide supervision has been institutionalized, standardized and normalized. Up to now, Shanghe has established 34 pesticide operation demonstration stores. The layout of these pesticide management demonstration stores is reasonable, and the key points are located in the main areas of vegetables, food crops and county-level agricultural products quality and safety supervision and weak areas. Through the establishment and management of the pesticide management demonstration store, Shanghe County has implemented the quality and safety behavior of non-compliance agricultural products in the region.

Nowadays, Shanghe County Agricultural Bureau has established a pesticide standardized operation demonstration shop as the main line, and gradually formed a pesticide management system with the main body specification, complete archives, integrity management and safe use of pesticide management enterprises, which avoids agricultural production and agricultural products caused by pesticide quality problems. Quality safety incidents.

Violating high-toxic pesticides must not enter the market

The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Law Enforcement Brigade of Shanghe County said that in order to ensure that there is no blind spot in the supervision of the pesticide market, the various aspects of the production, operation and use of illegal pesticides should be severely investigated. This year, a total of “criticism”, “unqualified labels” and “fake and inferior pesticides” were investigated. "9 cases have not been found, illegal activities of producing, operating and using highly toxic pesticides have not been found.

In order to regulate pesticide management, the agricultural sector has implemented a system for purchasing real names of pesticides. When purchasing pesticides, the pesticide purchaser must present personal identification or other valid documents to explain the actual use. The pesticide business unit should truthfully explain the product use and usage methods to the purchaser, and truthfully fill in the purchaser's name, ID number, etc. Pesticide sales records to ensure traceable enquiries. Pesticide business units shall not sell pesticides to minors, those who are unable to produce valid documents, and those who cannot explain the scope of use or the scope of use of pesticides beyond the scope of application of pesticides.

According to the principle of territorial management, all townships (streets) should strengthen the management of pesticide production and management units within their respective jurisdictions, investigate and deal with unlicensed production and operation, over-production and operation, and infringement of production and operation, ban unlicensed production and business units, and investigate the quality of pesticide products. If the standard is not up to standard, the content of the active ingredient does not match the labeling mark, and the illegal production and operation of adding unregistered ingredients in the pesticide, the pesticide criminal case is found to be kept in time and transferred to the public security organs for investigation.

The above information is compiled by China Pesticide Information Network . Please indicate the source.

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