Pay attention to these potential dangers in shopping malls

Automatic elevator

Dangerous reason: It is usually necessary to avoid the child's hand or arm from getting stuck in the elevator door when riding an automatic elevator. When the sensor detects an object, most elevator doors will open. But because the child's hand is too small, the sensor may not detect it.

Glass door

Dangerous reason: Most of the shopping malls now have floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Children always run around in the shopping mall. It is easy to ignore the transparent glass doors, which can lead to bumps or scratches. In addition, if the child's hand is caught in the heavy glass door, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Smooth floor

Dangerous reasons: Most of the floors in the mall are made of stone or composite floors, and the surface is very smooth. If it is just cleaned, it is more likely to cause children to fall.

Home appliance counter

Dangerous reason: This is not a joke. There will be naughty children who shut themselves in the refrigerator. In addition, there are many wires or switches in the appliance counter, which is also dangerous for children.


Dangerous reasons: There are often some guardrails installed near glass windows in shopping malls to isolate stairs, elevators or counters, which may become a hidden safety hazard for children falling from heights.

I hope that such tragedies will not happen again.

Characteristics and Advantages

(1) Intelligent control design: adjustable main parameter and secondary parameter automatically according to the weight of door leaves;

(2) Low noise: Special static sound track, integration of motor, worm-gear and retarder.

(3) Anti-clamping function: automatically reverse when meeting barriers;

(4) Unique electronic motor lock: the motor will lock up when the door is forced to open.(controlled by remote or switch)

(5) Tighten force: seal door when closed, power consumption approximately 10W under standby;

(6) Advanced brushless motor(36V,100W) can automatically adopt different heavy door leaves;

(7) Bi-doors inter-locking: one of the door leaves always remains closing;

(8)Safety sensor terminal: sensor stops working when door closed;

(9)Unique coating technology: never rusty;

(10)Easy and convenient to install;

(11)Working Process: when the door leaf closes to the right place, the door leaf will slightly shift to the door frame and the ground. The rubbers on the four sides of the door leaf will completely combine with door frame and ground, which ensures air tightness. When the door is open, the rubbers will separate from door frame and ground, which avoids contraction on the ground.


                                          Technical Specification


Light Duty

Heavy Duty

Rang of the Door





Door leaf max weight


   100kg x 2      


200kg x 2

Mounting Method

Surface mounting or built-in mounting

Open Width





Power Supply

AC 220v ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

Opening Speed

300-500mm/s (adjustable)

Closing Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Creep speed

30-100mm/s (adjustable)

Hold-open time

0.5-20s (adjustable)

Airproof Force (Max.)


Manual Pushing Force


Electronic Lock Force


Power consumption


Ambient temperature

-20+50 C

Technical Details:

(1) Rubber lining sealing technology combined with V groove on the guide rail enables the door completely sealed when the door closed;

(2)Special door body location technology. Semicircular surface beam on the ground matches with the V style groove at the bottom of door leaf, which stop the door from swing and make sure it moves stable and smooth;

(3) The door body decorated with matte stainless steel or spray surface, and on the middle and both sides with sealing stripes to ensure the hermetic effect.

(4)Feet sensor switch applied to avoid contagion;


Stainless Steel Sliding Door

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