Single High Definition Bidirectional Voice Device System Description and Features

On November 1, 2015, a group of new individual HD high-definition two-way speech transmitters were completed in Shenzhen Zhongchuang and sent to a military region. The equipment will be used for non-daily combat missions in the military zone*.

Shenzhen Zhongchuang Xinhe Technology Cable Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the R&D and production of wireless transmission equipment. With more than 10 years of experience in production R&D, the company's equipment is used in a large number of government departments such as *,*, firefighting, civil defense, and military regions.

System specification:

The individual high-definition two-way voice wireless transmission system is a broadcast-level high-definition image real-time transmission system produced by our company. Using advanced COFDM modulation technology, it has relatively narrow air bandwidth (8MHz) and extremely strong anti-multipath interference capability, and combines advanced foreign diversity receiving technology to overcome the multipath reflection of image transmission under analog technology and conventional modulation technology. The obstacles caused by occlusion can realize real-time transmission of high-quality high-definition images and two-way real-time talkback under high-speed motion or non-line-of-sight conditions, which is especially suitable for use in complex environments; the audio and video coding adopts the H.264 standard and has paintings. Clear quality, bright colors, smooth images.

System advantages:

The working frequency band can be ordered from 300MHz to 860MHz;

H.264 video codec; end-to-end delay is 300 milliseconds;

High-speed mobile and multi-path interference can be stable transmission of images, voice; powerful NLOS non-line-of-sight transmission capabilities;

Transmitting power 2-5W customized; transmission distance is far (2W soldier, ground-to-ground non-line-of-sight transmission 2-3 kilometers, ground-to-ground distance 5-6 kilometers, ground-to-space transmission 7-8 kilometers);

With space diversity receiving capability; dual antenna receiving, stable signal, smooth image;

Small size, light weight, easy installation and uses AES encryption to ensure the security of the system <br> <br> form of application of data transmission:

The overall transmission path is: 1. Individual soldier ~ communication command vehicle, the front-end staff to carry the launch equipment to transmit high-definition video signal to the communication command vehicle, the communication command vehicle can monitor the video signal through the monitor in real time. In addition, two-way voice real-time intercom can be provided between the individual soldier and the command vehicle. 2. Individual soldier - local command center - general command center. The front-end staff carries the launch equipment to transmit the on-site high-definition video signal to the local command center. The local command center transmits the command center directly to the general command center through the metropolitan area network or wide area network. The local command center and the general command center can perform video signal through the monitor. real time monitoring. In addition, the individual soldier and the receiving end of the system can perform two-way voice real-time talkback. The communications command vehicle or the local command center can also use the network monitoring to access the PC to browse videos and videos.

Our company has developed and produced wireless transmission equipment for many years, and has a number of patented inventions. We also formulate free system solutions according to the actual situation of our customers and meet the needs of our customers. In the field of wireless transmission, vehicle wireless image transmission, unmanned aerial image transmission, individual mobile image transmission, and wireless monitoring, etc., it has advanced technology level, and welcomes customers who need advice to visit.

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