Comprehensive analysis of the installation process of sanitary ware

There are many types of sanitary wares, and there are more things to be aware of during the renovation of the bathroom. Many people attribute the longevity and failure of sanitary ware to product quality problems. In fact, the installation and daily maintenance of the products are one of the reasons. Today, Xiaobian specially brings you the sanitary ware installation process highlights, and the decoration is not to be missed!

Sanitary ware installation process highlights

1. Toilet process

Check the ground drain pipe → align the nozzle → level the alignment → draw the mark → punch the hole → apply the putty → set the rubber pad → screw the nut, → mark the two sides of the water tank on the back side → punch → Insert the bolt → 捻 → → back to the tank to find the right side → turn the nut → install the water tank elbow → install the eight-character door → bend the mother light fork → insert the drift door and the eight-word door → tighten the nut.

2. The process of the washbasin

Insert the expansion bolts → 捻 → → the tube rack is hung up → put the washbasin on the rack to find the level → water connection: washbasin → straighten → water connection.

3. Bathtub process

Bathtub installation: → water installation → putty closed tight → water installation → flattening.

4. Shower process

Cold and hot water nozzles are flattened with test tubes → measure the size of the short section → install on the nozzle → wash the copper inlet of the shower with lead oil, wrap → nut tighten → fix on the wall → upper copper tube is installed in the three-port → The wood screws are fixed to the wall.

5. The process of the bidet

The door cover and nut of the mixing switch and the hot and cold water door are leveled, → the water gate is installed → the nozzle core door is installed → the hot water door outlet nut is tightened → the nut on the mixing switch is tightened → three water door covers are installed → the magnetic basin is installed Good → When installing the nozzle → Install the water outlet → When installing the portable lever → Adjust the positioning.

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