Summer decoration to know where the decoration pollution

Many people choose to refurbish new homes in the summer, but they ignore the problem of indoor environmental pollution. In summer, high temperatures cause indoor double release of harmful gases. However, the resistance of the elderly and young children is low, which can easily lead to physical discomfort. For your family's health, you need to know where the decoration pollution comes from.

1. Indoor pollution of formaldehyde caused by decoration and furniture.

Due to the high temperature of formaldehyde, the release amount will increase significantly. The boiling point of formaldehyde is 19°C. People often do not feel the presence of contaminants in the fall and winter seasons. In summer, they will feel more odor.

2. Ammonia pollution released by concrete antifreeze caused by construction winter construction.

Although, at present, the country has banned the use of ammonia-containing concrete anti-freeze agents, the ammonia gas in buildings that used to contain ammonia has been continuously released, especially during the high-temperature season in summer.

3, biological pollution inside the air conditioning.

The interior of the air conditioner is a dark and humid environment, and it is suitable for the growth and reproduction of roundworms, molds, viruses, and Legionella. They are concealed in the air conditioner and continue to enter the indoor air through the circulating air. They diffuse in all corners of the room, causing people to get flu, tonsillitis and pneumonia.

4, the indoor environment smell pollution.

Environmental experts believe that odor pollution from indoor insecticides, chemicals, plastics, toilets, and kitchens is more prominent during summer heat. Although the odor may not be harmful to the human body, it can be unbearable because of people's long-term contamination of the indoor environment caused by bad odors, and even causes problems such as vomiting and headaches and induces various diseases.

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