Plastic nets talk about the future of the plastics industry

The future of the plastics industry is bright. Today, the editor of introduces the future of plastic mesh. The “Forbidden Plastic Order” has created a certain market space for degradable plastic products. However, does this mean that the biodegradable plastics industry has ushered in “spring”? The industry still has doubts about this.

According to the "inhibition order", degradable plastic products refer to plastic products produced from bio-based materials that can eventually be degraded under natural or composting conditions. The banned this time is a disposable plastic film bag product produced by petroleum-based raw materials for consumers to carry and carry articles, which is not degradable under natural environment or composting conditions.

According to previous survey data, the annual consumption of shopping bags in Jilin Province is about 30,000 tons, and the annual consumption of disposable plastic tableware is about 15 million tons. If all of them are replaced by degradable plastic products, the market space for release is expected to reach 1 billion. Above yuan. "This is just the market potential of a province in Jilin.

"Forbidden plastics, adding oil to reduce white pollution and resource consumption, also provided an opportunity for the industrial transformation and upgrading, to seize the highlands of the biodegradable materials industry." Song Gang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission said. From "plastic limit" to "ban plastic", in order to rectify "white pollution", the government departments have also put a lot of effort in recent years.

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