Wooden fire door installation process introduction

The wooden fire door refers to the door frame, door leaf frame and door panel made of wood or wood products, and the fire limit reaches the door specified in GB50045-95 High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Code.

Wooden fire door installation process introduction

In the fire door market, from the production of materials, a common type of wood fire door in addition to steel fire doors. Many consumers may be suspicious of this. They often think that wood fire doors made of wood are very easy to burn because of the flammability of wood. This is a common cognitive misunderstanding. In fact, the wooden fire door has excellent flame retardant performance after a series of treatment processes, which is no less than the fire door of other materials.

In order to protect the safety of life and property as much as possible and reduce the loss of property, various installation specifications should be observed when installing wooden fire doors. First of all, in the selection of wooden fire doors, in order to ensure the quality of the flame retardant treatment, the moisture content of the wooden door should be controlled below 12%, that is, the door body made of dry wood by kiln drying should be selected. The surface of the door should be smooth and clean (can be frosted, but not imprinted, scratched, etc.). In order to fix the door frame, the hardware components selected for the door body shall be the supporting products that meet the national standards, and the wood screws shall be fixed at a suitable position during installation.

After preparing various construction tools (including inspection tools and installation tools), and reviewing and checking the door frames according to the drawings and the construction site, the remaining installation work can be continued. In order to ensure the installation position of the door body, the reference line and the center line of the door frame should be determined and repeatedly confirmed in advance, and the door body can be temporarily fixed with a wooden wedge during the installation process, and the vertical line or the horizontal line + square ruled comparison test The verticality and horizontality of the four sides of the door and the ground. Once the confirmation is correct, each fixed point can be fixedly installed. When fixing the door frame, fix the concrete hole with nails, and for the red brick hole, it is forbidden to use the nail. First, drill the hole with the impact drill and then fix it with the expansion tube.

After the completion of the construction, attention should also be paid to all aspects of the protection of wooden fire doors. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, moisture-proof and anti-mite; the wooden door with good lacquer should be shock-proof and scratch-proof, avoid damage to the flame-retardant performance of the door, and timely repaint the part that has been stripped. Destroy and repair in time. If it is necessary to continue construction of other projects after the fire door installation is completed, the fire door can be reliably packaged first, and other engineering operations on the door frame are avoided.

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