Potato increase output new tricks

The first measure: After the tail bud test, the yield of the tail bud of the potato is only 1 / 3 of the top bud or side bud plant seedlings . Therefore, the tail bud should not be disposed of when cutting the seed potato.


The second measure: high ridge cultivation, high ridge cultivation on both sides of the soil, can increase the soil layer, the soil of the rhizome is loose, which is conducive to stem extension, and can increase the ground temperature to meet the temperature required for early root development.


The third measure: Formulated fertilization of potatoes requires a large amount of nutrients throughout the growth and development period. It must be formulated and fertilized to meet the demand of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in crop growth and development, especially in the tuber expansion period, which can greatly increase the yield.


The fourth measure: The part that can be used for the flower bud potato is the underground tuber. The flowering of the buds consumes a lot of nutrients. To obtain high yield, it is necessary to see the buds to remove the nutrients to promote the growth of the tubers.


The fifth measure: less shovel and more straight potato can grow the tuber's fleshy roots in the soil horizontally, often because the shovel cuts off the fleshy extension root, artificially reduces production, so after the shovel is finished, it will only shovel, to bauxite Combined with grass pressing and manual extraction to control grass waste, it can effectively increase production.


The sixth measure: experts in the promotion of magnesium production prove that in the growth process of potato, especially in the expansion period of potato tubers, such as sufficient magnesium fertilizer, not only the yield is high, but also the accumulation of starch is high, the quality is good, so when the plant height is 45 cm After the water is dissolved with magnesium sulfate, it is applied.


Seventh move: Yemianpenfei in the case of enough base fertilizer from leaf onwards, every 10 days foliar spray 1 0. 1 % magnesium sulfate, 0 . A mixture of 3 % potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1000 times triacontanol can be sprayed 3-5 times to significantly increase the yield. If it can be supplemented with sun-breeding, leaving only one strong bud per plant, taking small seedlings to fill the empty seedlings and other measures, the output will be further improved.


Source: Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Information Network


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