Differential housing automation production solution

1. Automated production line helps car companies improve quality and efficiency
In the context of increasingly fierce market competition, improving quality and reducing costs have become key factors in competition among auto parts companies.
Machining automation production line production can not only improve product productivity, shorten production cycle, improve product quality, but also directly improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of auto parts manufacturing.
2. Differential housing automatic processing production line
The car differential enables the left and right (or front and rear) drive wheels to rotate at different speeds, and the differential housing is a key component in the differential. The realization of the automatic processing of the differential housing not only improves the customer's product grade, but also greatly improves the product quality, stability and production efficiency, and greatly reduces the labor cost.

Jiangxi Z Company was established in 2003 with a total investment of nearly 80 million yuan. It produces and sells auto parts such as differential casings. It mainly supplies gearbox spare parts for domestic and foreign OEMs and supplies them to auto manufacturers. At present, the industry is at the leading level in the industry, has an automated production line, and is now preparing to develop new energy projects.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of the OEMs for supporting products, Z Company decided to invest in automated processing lines in 2014 to improve processing efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve automated processing and achieve tool life management. After a number of technical communication and program review, Z company's senior management finally achieved cooperation with Yanming Technology by recognizing the technological capabilities of the company.
The differential casing automatic processing production line independently designed and implemented by Qiming Technology consists of 6 machine tools and 3 multi-joint robots. The entire processing content of the differential housing is completed, and the production line beats 120-150s/piece. The production line processing tools all adopt the tool life management system to ensure the processing stability. Under the overall framework of tool life management, the production line adopts manual sampling inspection, and the tool compensation is performed on the machine tool through the tool compensation system, and the compensation process is not stopped. The high speed, high precision and high flexibility of the device simplifies the process, reduces the operator and floor space, greatly improves the efficiency, and opens up a new direction for the efficient and flexible processing of the differential housing.
3. Conclusion
After the delivery of the production line, the operation is stable, which not only satisfies the customer's processing needs for the automation line, but also is highly recognized by the customers, laying a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two parties in 2017. The customer's approval has made our company a good reputation in the field of differential housing manufacturing, and orders have come one after another. At present, our company is very mature in the experience and technology of the differential automatic production line. Through continuous improvement and improvement, we focus on segmentation and make it penetrate in this industry, which greatly enhances the competitive advantage.

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