Overall Bathroom Toilet Features Overall Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Steps

Relative to the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom and bathroom are easy to install and the quality is more secure. It can completely solve the problem of bathroom leakage and back odor, which can shorten the installation period and save the construction cost. Then, the following together to understand the overall bathroom bathroom features, as well as the overall bathroom toilet cleaning steps.

First, the overall bathroom bathroom features

1, clean and dry

The overall bathroom is not watery, dry, smelly, and particularly easy to clean. However, the traditional bathroom has a dead corner, which is difficult to clean. It is very easy to produce harmful bacteria and odors for a long time. The materials used in traditional bathrooms are radiation and environmental protection. Time will affect people's lives and family health.

2, super durable

The overall bathroom has superior durability, and the main material used is molded from SMC material. The traditional bathroom main body material uses the ceramic tile, after using for a long time will appear the yellow, the discoloration, even cracks, moldy and so on the phenomenon, usually 5-8 years need to reconstruct.

3, heat insulation

The SMC material used in the overall bathroom has thermal insulation properties. In winter insulation, summer heat insulation. The materials used in traditional bathrooms are poor in heat insulation and heat insulation, and heat is easily lost. Heating facilities such as Yuba are additionally provided.

4, environmental protection and safety

Smc materials have good environmental performance, strong, anti-aging; compared to traditional bathroom tiles, the use of a long time will inevitably affect the human body.

5, dry construction

The overall bathroom and toilet use dry construction. It can be used on the day of installation and on the same day, which can greatly shorten the construction period.

6, durable

The good bathroom with good quality is durable and can last more than ten years. It has a low failure rate and is easy to install.

Second, the overall bathroom toilet cleaning steps

1, in the stain wall area glued some water

2. Apply to the stained area with detergent, place it for about 5 minutes

3, using a brush plate to scrub in the stain area

4. Clean the stains after the brush with a clean rag, remove the detergent on the surface, and wipe the clean area with a clean towel.

Editor's summary: The characteristics of the overall bathroom and bathroom , as well as the overall bathroom toilet cleaning steps are introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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