What are the advantages of a fully automatic open flash point tester?

1. The instrument adopts a large color liquid crystal display, a full Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, no identification keyboard, parameters such as pre-set temperature, sample number, atmospheric pressure, and test date, etc., with prompt menus and guided input functions.
2. The simulation trace shows the function curve of temperature rise and test time. It has the function of Chinese prompt misoperation of software prompt modification, and it is equipped with parameter prompt function such as test date and test time.
3. Automatically correct the influence of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculate the correction value.
4, differential detection, automatic correction of system deviation.
5, sweeping, testing, printing data automatically completed, the test arm automatically rises and falls.
6, electronic ignition, forced air cooling (Note manual ignition button is located on the left side of the instrument box).

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