Flame retardant nylon tends to be multi-functional in the new era

With the increasing application of nylon engineering plastics, the variety of flame retardants and the development of flame retardant technology continue to deepen, flame retardant nylon mainly develops in the following aspects:
1. Non-halogenated, non-toxic and low halogenated
Many countries have restricted or reduced the use of halogen-containing flame retardants and replaced them with phosphorus, nitrogen-based flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants;
2. Compounding technology of flame retardant
Based on the synergistic system of halogen-antimony, phosphorus-nitrogen, etc., many flame retardant factories at home and abroad are engaged in the development of new synergistic systems, that is, multiple flame retardants Matching, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the amount of flame retardant and improving flame retardancy. This reduces the price of the flame retardant material and reduces the loss of physical and mechanical properties.
3. Multi-functional
Multi-Functional Flame Retardant Nylon - In addition to the flame retardant properties of PA, some industries require PA to have other properties such as antistatic, thermal, electrical and the like. Therefore, in addition to the need to add flame retardants, it is often necessary to add many other additives, such as antistatic agents, thermal conductive fillers, plasticizers, etc., in order to meet the requirements of various performance indicators, which requires that the flame retardant can not Other additives create conflicts.
4. Cost and performance balance
Develop an efficient flame retardant system to reduce the impact of flame retardants on the mechanical and physical properties of the substrate, while also reducing pollution and reducing costs.

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