Top Ten Brands of Korean Furniture

Today, small fresh swept the country, small fresh style of various kinds of jewelry, clothes, many young people could not withstand the "opportunity" the source of Korean small fresh style furniture is furniture representative, but many Korean furniture brands Not every one is worth having, so today I will talk to you about the top ten brands of Korean furniture.


One of the top ten brands of Korean furniture: Rolando

The Rolando Group is a publicly traded company in Singapore. Rolando is primarily a conceptually designed living furniture. The shaping of Korean furniture is also in place, and the products are deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

The top ten brands of Korean furniture: Windsor Love

Windsor Love Furniture is a well-known high-end furniture brand in China. It is divided into two series: Jane Ouyuan and French Rose. The furniture combines the unique style of European culture, with both the western neo-classical style and the oriental post-modern charm, interpreting the unique romance, innocence, tranquility and nature of European culture.


The top ten brands of Korean furniture: International Residence

The International Residence has international standardized production technology, exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, strong water resistance, durable and environmentally friendly. The garden furniture of the International Residence is even more popular.

The top ten brands of Korean furniture: Smack

Smack furniture is full of Korean-Japanese art. The furniture has Korean traditional wood carving design, simple, elegant, clean and calm, with a simple and stylish home design to outline the intrinsic taste.


Five of the top ten brands of Korean furniture: Han Feier

Hanfeier's products reflect the different rural styles with bold ivory, with traditional luxury and restraint. The simple lines show different elegance and simplicity, and incorporate cultural elements. The Korean furniture is different. Interpretation.

Six of the top ten brands of Korean furniture: Orlick

Olympus furniture combines classic and modern styles with a focus on simplicity, nature and practicality. It creates a warm, comfortable and romantic home living environment in China, which is based on the Korean OLIVE DECO furniture.


Seven of the top ten brands of Korean furniture: Tong Ange

Tongange furniture series is a brand of Linchuan Furniture. It absorbs the essence of Korean furniture, connects fashion and art, and uses solid wood as the main material. On the basis of fully displaying the natural texture of solid wood, it expresses the same line of design and intrinsicity. Zhang Yang is the perfect fusion of Korean modern furniture concept and Chinese traditional home philosophy.

Eight of the top ten Korean furniture brands: Jasmine

Jintiantuo Furniture Co., Ltd. is a brand-new modern furniture enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Jasmine fragrance is the four brands of Jintiantuo Furniture, “Innocent Years”, “My Type I SHOW”, “Jasmine Flower” "One of the "Forest Castles" is a modern, simple and fashionable Korean lifestyle advocate furniture brand.


South Korea's top ten brands of furniture Nine: Hibiscus Love

Guangdong (Foshan) Jinfuya Furniture Co., Ltd. is a large-scale furniture modern enterprise integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. Muxi Love is one of its brands. Muxi Love Products are derived from Korean-style country style and are elegant and warm. Milky white-based, adding a few romantic and elegant to the home, plus healthy and environmentally friendly high-quality imported pine materials, fully meet the modern people's pursuit of home taste and healthy home life needs.

Ten of the top ten brands of Korean furniture: Romantik

Romantik is a poetic and romantic Korean furniture brand. The Romantik furniture brand retains the characteristics of Korean furniture, but also absorbs the popular elements of Western furniture, forming its own characteristics, making every detail of the perfection and exquisiteness. With elegant small solid hand-carved solid wood, it is perfectly blended with fresh and simple simplicity, with traditional elegance and abstraction, enjoying your own elegant life in a pure and romantic world.


The relevant content of the top ten brands of Korean furniture will be introduced to this first. More information is available at GO Home.

Source: GO Jiaju

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