Do you know the market demand for male bedding?

In terms of shopping, is there really a big difference between men and women? The answer is yes, but sometimes it is no. The research report published by Marketing Store Worldwide LP, "Analysis of Male Consumers," shows that men usually shop alone, and most of them go straight to specific shelves. The report summarizes the shopping style of male consumers as “surgical”, and the shopping process is crisp and straightforward, usually searching for goods – buying goods – and returning home.

The research report “Male Consumer Secrets”, jointly published by Hybris Software Inc. and The Future of Commerce, shows that men are more likely than women to have rich and comprehensive expertise. Only half (50.5%) of female customers believe that salespeople should not only be able to assist customers with specific needs in the store, but also answer their questions about online shopping; the proportion of male consumers who hold this view is as high as 66.7. %.

It is worth noting that on a particular issue, the difference between male and female consumers is not obvious, that is, whether to do product homework before shopping. “Now women are as good at men as they are from the Internet. It’s not like 10 years ago,” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail. “This generation of male and female consumers grew up in the same shopping culture. ”

Thanks to the convenience of current information and the ease of access, men are beginning to show consumer confidence in the product areas that their parents can't understand – the Internet provides them with the necessary product knowledge to enable them to be more confident. shopping.

“I found that a lot of men started buying baby care products, which is a very interesting phenomenon,” Corlett said. “They are a new consumer group who show up in areas of products that previously seemed to be exclusively for female consumers. I want to know the will."

However, it should be noted that the most influential factor in the consumer population is not the gender difference, but the composition of the family – currently 70% of the households in the United States are composed only of adults, including the growing baby boomers. The first generation, the unmarried millennial generation, and the millennial who are married but have delayed their birth planning. And 40 years ago, nearly half of American families had children.

“The current situation is that as the population grows, the number of families with children will of course grow,” Corlett added. “However, the proportion of such families in the United States has shrunk dramatically. Now those are not. Children-centered families make up the majority. The members of these families are adults, and they only buy home products that are suitable for adult style and needs."

What is the market size of male-only bedding products? This question is difficult to answer. But if 10% of the bedding products are purchased by male consumers, then this is a $5.5 billion "big cake." This is undoubtedly a niche market with great potential for related businesses. In May of this year, a company called Thread Experiment published a number of beddings, covers, sheets and pillowcases designed for male consumers. The company first launched an exclusive collection for Gilt, followed by collaboration with other online retail brands and launched its own direct-to-consumer website. “Our positioning is a male fashion bedding company,” said co-founder Greg Shugar.

The company's core customer base is male consumers between the ages of 20 and 30. "He might still use the sheets at college, or the sheets that his mother sent when he moved out - not only old, but also monochrome," Shugar pointed out.

The Thread Experiment is aimed at these male customers who are struggling with unparalleled bedding. “Prices are secondary. The customers we want to fight for are focused on design. They will say, 'No other places can buy such products.'”

“From a product design perspective, there is a gap in the fight for male consumers,” Shugar said. “Now men are getting married more and more. Men’s same-sex marriage is also increasing. Besides, married men will divorce. We think Male-specific bedding will soon become an independent category."

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