Crop topdressing also has the best period

Maize Under the principle of balanced fertilization, corn is the peak period of nutrient absorption after jointing to large bell mouth. Generally, the first fertilizer can be applied before and after jointing. 7 to 10 days before the tasseling, the second fat should be applied. If the base fertilizer and seed fertilizer are sufficient and the soil is very fertile, one can concentrate the top dressing and combine the second shovel for deep fertilization.

Soybean soybean is a crop that requires more nitrogen. Although it has nitrogen fixation by rhizobium, it should be topdressed during the growth period. Usually, nitrogen fertilizer is applied once in the early flowering stage of soybean, which can reduce the rate of falling and falling, and increase the grain weight. Increase production. In the pod-forming period of soybean, one extra-root top dressing can be carried out, that is, the multi-micro-fertilizer is sprayed on the foliar surface, and the yield increasing effect is more obvious.

Potatoes can generally be topdressed before the flowering stage of the potato. Early-maturing varieties are suitable for topdressing at the seedling stage. The mid-late and late-maturing varieties are better applied before the buds, which not only improves the yield but also improves their quality.
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