How to control soybean root pests and diseases

Soybean root pests and diseases mainly include cyst nematode, root rot, root larvae, black velvet golden tortoise, and ground tiger. The control methods are as follows:

Agronomic measures: do a good job of changing soybean varieties, avoid long-term planting of single varieties, improve soybean disease resistance and insect resistance; promote mechanized seed selection to remove diseased grains, insects, weed seeds, impurities, and reduce pests and diseases. Opportunity; suitable sowing, according to the occurrence of pests and diseases in various places; adopt the method of early sowing or postponing sowing to achieve the purpose of avoiding diseases and avoiding insects; early tillage, fine land preparation, try to remove sick bodies and reduce the chance of wintering of pests.

Chemical control for cyanobacteria and root sorghum plots to take 5% phorate (II), with the "three ridge cultivation" sowing method with the seed fertilizer to the ground; can also use seed coating agent, according to the drug ratio of 1:75 Coating. 35% methylthiophosphorus, 35% ethylthiophosphorus, seed dressing 0.5% seed, wherein 5% phorate can also treat two leaf beetles, thrips, spider mites and other seedling pests. The above method can also be applied to soybean black velvet golden tortoise shell and ground tiger; in the root rot heavy plot, 50% Dufu mixture is used, and seed dressing is 0.5% seed dressing; in the root pest and disease mixed area, insecticide can be taken. Mixtures of fungicides.

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