Home textiles common sense: the mattress is not as thick as possible

In the composition of the bed, the quality of the mattress directly determines its comfort, and a good mattress can also improve the quality of sleep and promote healthy sleep.

It is reported that the ideal state of the human spine is a natural "S" shape. The low-quality mattress will bend the spine, and the pressure of the intervertebral disc will not be relaxed and relieved, causing people to turn over during sleep to seek a more comfortable sleep posture. , thereby causing a variety of diseases such as cervical spondylosis. After the long-term use of the traditional spring mattress, the spring deformation and distortion may occur, and the elasticity may be lost, resulting in unevenness of the bed surface or even partial collapse, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.

So, how to choose a good mattress? The author interviewed Mr. Liu, who specializes in imported mattresses. He said, "First of all, you need to touch and take a mattress with your hand. If you can touch the spring on the surface, it means that the padding is too thin. When you sleep, you will be overwhelmed and feel uncomfortable. If you take the mattress with your hand, it feels a bit “Throw” or “empty” means that there is a gap between the liner and the pad of the mattress, which cannot be effectively supported and easily deformed.” The author also learned that the mattress is not as thick as possible, and the thickness of the mattress is the same as that of the mattress. There is no inevitable relationship between support, especially spring mattresses. If the thickness of the spring does not change, thicken the bottom padding, in exchange for better comfort, not support. For a spring mattress to be durable, a 12-18 cm thick spring is ideal. In addition, the mattress is erected vertically, and if the bending is deformed or cannot be erected, the mattress is relatively rough.

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