Dedicated to the misty decoration rookie - decoration order

(A) Tools are in place and ready

Before decorating, you must prepare a few things in your bag.

Tape measure (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, big board clip (slip list, receipt);

In addition, it is advisable to prepare old towels (soft cotton, paste bricks) and plastic bags on the site early on the site.

(b) Choosing good days and launching artillery

Before the workers enter the court, it is best to measure the corners of the house in person, take them down, mark them clearly, and be sure not to be lazy. The contents of the measurement mainly include:

Identify the area involved in the renovation process. Especially the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area;

Clear main wall dimensions. In particular, it is necessary to design the wall size of the furniture later.

(III) Demolition of the main body to make space more practical

The demolition of the main body is the first one to be put on the project. It mainly includes the demolition of walls, walls, shovels, removal of heat, replacement of steel windows, and so on. After the demolition of the completed garbage, it must be cleared up in time to ensure the cleanliness of the interior, but also to facilitate the construction.

At this time, it is best to look through the cabinets, hoods, cookers, and water heaters and determine

(IV) Hydropower Renovation, Arranging the Use of Each Space

Hydroelectric reform, no regrets medicine. Bricks on the wall, a ceiling, and then think of adding sockets can be difficult. Therefore, be sure to determine the exact location of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, etc.

Before the hydropower reform, the cabinet designer should come to the door to make the first measurement and help you determine the power and waterway reconstruction plan. Water heaters, it is also best to send someone to design the location of the power supply and the interface according to the model you have determined.

Reminder: On the wall below the basin, it is best to leave the power outlet for easy loading.

The air-conditioning hole and power source should be placed on the wall of the bedside as much as possible to avoid air-conditioning blowing directly to people. Strong electricity and weaknesses need to maintain a space of 20 cm. For example, a distance of 20 cm must be left between the outlet and the cable.

(5) Pack up the tubes and wrap up the unsightly pipes

Considering the wet and damp environment of the kitchen and toilet, the material of the standpipe must not be wood keel! Everyone must be careful, even if the wooden keel brush anti-corrosion coating does not work.

Remember to use a light steel keel, or a red brick, on the standpipe. Light steel keel provinces, but the most solid and easy to use is the red brick.

At this time you need to buy a good tile, caulking agent, etc.; furniture to be set early, leave a good duration, generally at least 15 days or so

To add, don't wrap the pipeline in the place where the access is to be found.

(six) tiling, the first thing with a solid texture

Before tiling, buy a floor drain.

Note: Floor drains are going to be bought in Oriental Homes. To buy a dedicated washing machine or shower floor drain, but also to deodorant function.

After finishing waterproofing and pulling hair, prepare a tiling.

In addition to the normal tiling, the tiles are covered with water and dried; the broken tiles are left for cutting

Please buy a rich amount before buying bricks.

At this time, basins and faucets should be determined, and the cabinet designer is invited to visit the house for the second time.

At the same time to buy paint (mixed or clear), wall paint, lacquer, diluted water, etc., such as wallpaper, but also to be set

(seven) oil workers go into battle, scrub scrub brush

There is nothing to say about brushing the walls. Leveling, sanding, and brushing are all effective, and they absolutely depend on the craft of your oil worker.

We need to remind everyone that if the walls are to be painted, the color must be noticed. The color of the recall must be lighter than that of the color card. It must not be the same as the color card or deeper than it is. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Because at least two coats of paint are used to paint the walls, some of them are still three times. The color of the wall will be deeper than the one layer. The method of painting is spraying or roller coating. The benevolent sees the person and the wise sees the wisdom. It is said that the effect of spraying is better, but once it is destroyed, it will become difficult to repair the paint. If you do not buy finished products, let the worker master do it.

Note: Any woodwork, even if it is just a mouthwash, must follow this step. The big board sinks and the veneer is veneered before painting.

When mixing oil, it is absolutely wrong to brush the oil directly on the big core board. Don’t believe the nonsense of selling Daxin boards individually. There is no problem with brushing oil directly.

Remember, if you brush oil directly, it will take a long time for you to crack and remember.

Now do oil mixing, no brush, but spray. It is best to let workers spray white on the inside of the door and the meter box.

(8) wallpapers, beautiful walls

After the wall paint is brushed, the oil trader will apply nitro-lacquer to the place where the wallpaper is to be applied. The paint can dry after the next day, and then the master can paste the wallpaper. At the beginning, I was worried that the wallpaper would dirty the painted white wall. I knew it later when I posted it, and the wallpaper was really a special clean job! Worry completely redundant.

Note: Do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after the wallpaper has been posted. Let it dry slowly. Say good to the master, if there is an odd place in individual places, trouble him to repair it.

(9) Install socket panel

The socket panel can be installed in about half a day.

1, the best outlet to buy with a switch function, especially the kitchen, so that rice cookers, microwave ovens can be removed from the power supply, with the switch to control.

2, although there is a good switch socket, but pay attention to practicality.

According to my observation, the five-hole power supply with switch, three sockets are flat mouth, once your electrical appliances need a round mouth three items, there will be a depressed situation with empty plug socket board. Therefore, multiple sockets must also be used, even if it does not switch control!

At this time, if you need to install Yuba, please buy and install before ceiling

(ten) kitchen ceiling, seal the last ugly part

First install the water heater and Yuba, after installation, the ceiling edge can be better half-package water heater, which is more beautiful convergence. It is best to buy aluminum buckle ceiling, even if it is removed after many years, selling scrap aluminum is worth a lot of money. On the other hand, pvc buckles look good, but the quality and performance are generally the same, and plastic things are worth a few dollars even if they sell waste. Buy buckle board, to ask the price of all-inclusive, do not buckle board, corner to buy. But the installation fee is another calculation.

(11) Installation of cabinets, the birth of a beautiful kitchen

Cabinets are a cooperating project and should be ordered in advance about hoods, stoves and sinks. It is best to send it on the same day and install it together with the cabinet. We told the cabinet factory in advance that we would bring the artificial stone countertops with the cut-off appliances and the sinks together.

(12) Installation of finished products

Finished doors should be installed before the floor, mainly because of the complex installation steps, hinges, door locks, door stoppers, door frames, etc., using a large number of tools, such as the first installed floor, bumps are difficult to avoid.

(13) Installation of drying racks, curtain rods, lamps, sanitary ware, and bathroom hardware

It is recommended that before the installation of the floor, the items with a large amount of scattered ash will be handled one by one.

(14) Installing the floor

Before the floor is installed, we must do a leveling job. I have a lot of neighbors' floors that are not used for leveling, so both I and Lao Mao care about it.

Unexpectedly, after the floor was laid, the aisle was gone and it was very depressing. Had to remove it and re-pour it after leveling it with dusting powder.

Prepare a little pepper in advance, do not buy the so-called insecticide powder brought by floor workers, let them sprinkle along the kick corner on the line.

Workers must be required not to cut the floor in the house, cut in the corridor, and finally clean the corridor.

(15) Wasteland cleaning

The biggest manifestation of cleaning, I think is to clean glass.

Followed by the floor waxing, wax to buy their own, cheap and easy to use, but must use a cleaning waxing machine, efficiency is tens of times faster than artificial, hundreds of times.

In other respects, I don't think I need to rely too much on cleaning. They also use small blades to scrape here and scrape there, not so much. Therefore, after the cleaning goes, it's best to do a thorough cleaning again. Go to the supermarket to buy a bag of "five clean powder" and get a few old towels. Use an old towel, stained with dried Wu Jie powder, from the mouth to the door, from the tiles to the kick corner, a house, a house of rub, do not be lazy, the result will definitely make you proud.

(16)Appearance of furniture and home appliances

In a new home, furniture bears the brunt. Beds, mattresses, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, sofas, dining tables, etc.

Before the furniture enters the market, you should prepare the following items: disposable shoe covers (do not buy poor quality, step on the break), a few boxes of activated carbon, ladders, floor protection film (carrying closet, TV cabinet, etc. protection).

If you buy a fabric bed, remind you to see if the fabric can be taken down.

Home appliances quickly delivery, tight or not in a hurry to wait and so on. Anyway, electrical appliances are getting more advanced and cheaper.

(seventeen) accessories decoration, home has a taste

With a decorative ornament and beautiful curtains, the soft taste of the home came out.

Curtains do not spend too much money on accessories. Curtains and plumb bobs are money that must be added, but lace, cloth clasps, and tassels, which are eight yuan and ten yuan, cost more than twenty yuan per meter. It is not necessary, and it is not necessarily beautiful.

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Product name         Aluminium phosphate

CAS No              7784-30-7

EC No                232-056-9

Chemical formula      AlPO4

Appearance           White Powder

Storage               Keep the product in a tightly closed container ,Isolate form any source of heat or ignition and moisture

Guarantee period       2 years in the case of sealed.

Packing unit           25kg Poly Propylene bag & 500kg Poly Propylene bag,

Any size customers want.

Application            Mostly used as binder and curing agent in the production of Hi-Temp Refractory Materials for kiln. as fluxing agent in the production of special glass, as binder in fabrication of ceramics or tooth, and as catalyst in   organic synthesis.

Goods characteristics   White Powder.

Soluble in acid or alkali solution ,insoluble in water or alcohol.
















The PH Value



Residue on sieve (32um)




Aluminum Phosphate Series

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