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Wald Superhard Tools official flagship store (http://worldia.tmall.com) has been the focus of new and old customers since its opening. In order to give back to the attention of new and old customers, the official flagship store of Wald Superhard Tools will be launched. activity. Orders over 300 yuan minus cash, and also a Wald A5 beautiful notebook (online booking separately)! Limited edition of 30, after the delivery, hurry! Wald successfully settled in Taobao Mall, customers can easily find the models they need to place orders directly, solve a series of problems such as long delivery time and difficult customer communication. Wald will make unremitting efforts to make products better and make consumption Those who are satisfied at the time of purchase will do their best to provide better service to consumers. Welcome!

The Optical Turnstile ( Speed Gate , flap Barrier Gate , Swing Barrier ) are designed to work in a normally closed mode and retract inside the pedestal after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorized user to pass. This type pedestrian Turnstile Gate is usually used in bank lobby, office building, fitness club, school, subway station and so on.  It prevents unauthorized people to enter the restricted areas.

Our optical Turnstile is a physical security device designed to restrict or control access to a building or secure area. Optical Turnstiles are usually a part of an Access Control system, which also consists of software, card readers, and controllers. Optical turnstiles operate much like regular mechanical turnstiles, except that they rely primarily on electronic (infrared) beams, and audible/visual interfaces to control entry. Rather than physically restraining a person, the optical turnstile uses sounds and lights to alert others to attempted entry by unauthorized individuals. For this reason, they are not likely to be used in subways and stadiums, as they are suited for settings where design and aesthetics are important, such as lobbies. They are perfect for high rise buildings with a single path through the lobby and staffed reception. The rate of people passing through the optical turnstile is high, with less delay than other methods. They are also suitable for the handicapped, as they are Barrier -free.

Optical Turnstile

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