Home carpet prices and pictures 2x3 meters of coffee table carpet how much money

The carpet is an essential weapon in life. Its appearance has brought us a bit of warmth. A stylish and warm carpet is the first choice. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining room or bathroom, a carpet is needed to enhance the warmth, and the overall coordination with the home plays a very good decorative effect. So, do you know the price of home rug ? How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of home carpet? In order to pursue the quiet feelings of the entire space, many people generally choose to shop in full, knowing that carpets are completely different from removable carpet tiles, and that there are many special considerations. Here we come together to understand the price of home carpets and other related knowledge.

What is the use of home carpets - various home carpets

There are two categories of carpets: First, the mechanism of carpet two, handmade carpets. Mechanism carpets can be further divided into three types: 1. Tufted carpets 2. Woven Wilton carpets 3. Woven Axminster rugs.

Tufted carpet: It is the first choice for hotels due to its high production efficiency and low price.

Wilton Carpet: Made by a later process, it originated in the United Kingdom and has a fast production rate.

Woven Axminster Carpet: It is made by the latter process. It originated from the United Kingdom. It is a low-efficiency, high-grade mechanism carpet.

What is the use of home carpets?

Sound insulation: The carpet absorbs sound waves and has good sound insulation. Villi carpet can effectively absorb dust and improve air quality.

Carpet safety: Rugs are soft materials that are not easily bumped, especially for families with children or the elderly.

Art and beautification effects: The carpet pattern is rich and various shapes can be used to beautify the environment.

Non-toxic: The carpet has no radiation and does not emit harmful gases.


How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of home carpets

A. The quality of the carpet

The thicker and thicker the pile, the larger the volume, and the short, densely woven plush carpet is more durable. For the weight of fluff, see the instructions on the label.

Second, the purchase of carpet

When purchasing, you can choose the right carpet according to your individual needs. Such as: dining room, suitable for the purchase of dirty carpet, easy to clean.

The carpet can not be exposed to prolonged exposure, otherwise it will fade. Quality rugs are guaranteed by quality. High-quality home carpets are resistant to abrasion and static electricity.

When you go to a physical store to buy carpets, see if there is any difference in the color of the carpet, it is best to observe the effect in the actual space.


Home rug prices

Due to the different brands, sizes, materials and manufacturers of home carpets, the price of home carpets will also vary. Home carpet prices generally range from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to lay a home carpet

Full carpet requirements for the ground:

Not all families are suitable for carpeting, especially on concrete floors, and the floor must be leveled. On the wooden floor, there is no need to consider the ground. It can be laid directly.

Full carpet laying process:

1, measurement size:

If it is full shop, pay attention to the size of the master, the carpet is 5CM longer than the room, when cutting, pay attention to the direction of the wool to be consistent, to avoid producing poor decorative effect.

2. Determine the laying method and patchwork method of the carpet:

There are two ways to lay: 1. Not fixed 2. Fixed. Non-stationary means that the carpet is directly paved, not bonded to the ground, and can be repaired around; fixed type: the carpet is bonded and fixed around.

3, trim and clean:

After the carpet is laid, it needs to be trimmed and cleaned. It is best to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.


Carpet laying notes

1. Before the carpet is laid, clean the floor first.

2. The carpet must be laid flat and the interface firmly bonded.

3, pay attention to tightly around the carpet to avoid warping.

4, the same color carpet interface, joints need to be hidden.

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Home rug prices

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