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Since last year, "O2O online and offline integration" has suddenly become a topic that has been repeatedly mentioned in the home industry. For a time, if home furnishing companies did not say that they were building "O2O online and offline integration", everyone would be considered to be unable to keep up with the pace of industry development. Today, the home furnishing industry has taken a solid step from theory to practice.

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Indeed, for the home furnishing industry, the O2O online and offline integration model has too many advantages: for brand owners, this move greatly reduces the entry barrier to the Internet, breaks the previous space restrictions, and quickly expands the reputation and improves the transaction. For the home furnishing industry, it has standardized the e-commerce standards of the industry, allowing traditional high-quality brands to continue to maintain reasonable competitiveness in channel development, and at the same time established the O2O road. For the home e-commerce platform, it can quickly divert and greatly improve the customer's online shopping experience; for consumers, it can save time and cost and meet personalized needs. What a win-win situation for the three parties looks like!

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However, it was not until the first two days that Red Star Macalline's e-commerce subsidiary Xing Yijia officially opened the prelude to online and offline integration in Zhengzhou. The "online and offline integration" of the home furnishing industry only came to reality for the first time. Why does everyone know and say, but only the Red Star Macalline Yijia can finally reflect the ideal into reality?

In fact, the "online and offline integration" of the home furnishing industry requires strong support and cooperation from multiple sources to be finally realized. First, you need to have a leading brand with a strong brand appeal in the industry and a pivotal role in the entire home furnishing industry to integrate all aspects of the brand, goods, data, services, experience, etc .; second, you need a perfect e-commerce The platform serves as a carrier for the display, appointment, and purchase of home brands and products; again, there needs to be enough offline experience outlets across the country for consumers across the network to easily reach online and offline; finally, O2O in many industries In the end, it will often fall into serious conflicts of interest online and offline, thus entering a vicious competition.

All these restrict the home furnishing industry from entering the real online and offline integration.

Red Star Macalline Xingjia, as the e-commerce platform of Red Star Macalline Group, has 28 years of professional experience in the home industry of Red Star Macalline, and also has the offline resources of more than one hundred shopping malls across the country. Support, has the advantage of unique integration to promote the online and offline integration of the home furnishing industry.

At the same time, in the online and offline integration projects of Red Star Macalline, the online and offline real economy is no longer a vicious competitive relationship, especially for the furniture industry. The thing of integration is to make reasonable use of the advantages of the two channels. Through the effective integration of the commercial and technical levels, the two channels can form a pattern of cooperation, mutual promotion and common development. Today's Xingyijia platform does not look like some platforms simply grab offline businesses online at low prices to compete in a very short-sighted manner. It is also different from ordinary traditional stores and stores that exclude e-commerce from closed doors And resistance, what we are really doing now is to combine the characteristics between the two and really make the cake bigger.

If you are in Zhengzhou, when you open the Red Star Macalline Xingyi homepage, you will see the Red Star Macalline Zhengzhou mall flat navigation map, more than 500 home construction furniture brands, nearly a hundred thousand items of comprehensive Show. It's hard to imagine how huge and complicated it would be for multiple brands to complete "online and offline integration" by each brand, but with Red Star Macalline Yijia helping them integrate resources, After giving all home furnishing brands a window to access the Internet with a low threshold, the pattern of the entire Chinese home furnishing industry began to be affected, and offline shopping and online transactions and services gradually merged.

In addition, on the Zhengzhou station page of Xingyijia, not only the online panoramic display of the products in the offline malls, but also the online booking and offline experience, SMS and brand information and other functional modules can be realized. Online and offline marked prices, consumers are free to choose online or offline transactions and other practical functions to solve the pain points of consumers in actual consumption.

It is reported that in order to meet the needs of different users, Red Star Macalline Xingyi will also set up full-field WIFI coverage in offline malls, develop and purchase applications, mobile clients, etc. At the same time, Red Star Macalline Xingyi has been in operation for many years and has a very mature after-sales service system: quality assurance, worry-free after-sales, 30-day unreasonable return, advance payment, home assistant, etc. The process of integration. Therefore, the online and offline cooperation are truly utilized to realize the seamless operation of "online sampling", "offline experience" and "uniform service".

At present, Red Star Macalline Yijia Zhengzhou Mall is the first to formally operate the online and offline integration project, but this represents that Red Star Macalline has blown the horn of the "inline and offline integration" of the home furnishing industry from theory to practice. Once this model is mature and applied, it will completely change the current business model of the home furnishing industry, allowing the home furnishing industry to enter a new era. It is no exaggeration to say that the opening of the Red Star Macalline Xingyi home store in Zhengzhou may be triggering a huge commercial revolution in the home industry!

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