Small four love small era home

The luxurious homes in Guo Jingming's movie "Little Times" are full of sights. Recently, Xiao Si also expressed his desire to do home design. It can be seen that Primary 4 has many relationships with the Da Vinci family.

The Da Vinci furniture incident also spurred the rich people's nerves. Just when many netizens laughed that the user list should be announced, the author Guo Jingming was fleshed out by netizens. He once "showed off" on the blog that there are "a bunch of ARMANI and Da Vinci furniture in the office. ".

Some netizen "human flesh" author Guo Jingming once flaunted himself as a Leonardo user on Weibo. "Evidence" is a blog post by Guo Jingming. Guo Xiaosi is called "Our company moves to a new home!" ! My new office is super beautiful! ! "The article wrote:" I was thinking about which computer I want to change before, so that it can get along with the Armani and Da Vinci furniture every day without feeling inferior. " After this sentence was posted on Weibo, it aroused the interest of netizens. Netizens joked that this was "a story that Guo Jingming and Da Vinci Furniture had to tell."

The reporter called Guo Jingming's mobile phone, but it turned off, and then contacted her assistant, Ms. Ye. The other party said that Guo Jingming knew this after the CCTV exposure. Now she is in a calmer mood, not very impatient, and did not say that she wants to return the product. Ms. Ye said that Guo Jingming is very concerned about the news and believes that in the end, there will be results and statements from the industry and commerce. This kind of thing "does nothing by personal strength."

Just looking at how luxurious the office of Primary Four is, it looks at the surface. Of course, the real valuable ones are all moved to the home ~ Look at the luxurious furniture used by the small era crew, you may be feeling so luxurious, maybe it ’s just people ’s home. The tip of the iceberg!

Small times


Luxury residence

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